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In the luxury halls of the Monte Carlo casino, Hitchcock’s movie “Catch the Thief”, episodes of Agent 007 and the movie “Coco” dedicated to Madame Chanel were shot. This legendary resort attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists a year to Monaco. Some admired the palace’s decoration and artwork, while others left a lot of money and tore bonuses here.

The Grimaldi House, now ruling in Monaco, was on the brink of ruin in the middle of the previous year. The wife of French actress Maria Carolina Giber I, Prince Florestan, offered a solution to the problem. She advised to adopt the waterside experience of European resorts in order to attract foreign vacationers and build a casino. According to another version, the idea belongs to journalists Albert Ober and Leon Langlois.

At the end of 1856, Princess III. Charles’s son founded a casino in the Condamine neighborhood. But Monte Carlo’s story will begin later. The first establishment, named Villa Bellevu, did not generate revenue due to undeveloped infrastructure.

A few years after attempting to organize a gambling business on her own, her widow Maria Carolina Giber turned to Francois Blanc for help. This financier became famous for his talented casino management in German Homburg. After some hesitation he started organizing a gambling business in Monaco.

Now this company controls all tourism and hotel businesses of the principality. In the XIX century, Francois Blanc acquired monopoly rights to gamble, so he quickly became one of the richest people in Europe.

With the advent of the gambling house in Monaco, the financial problems of the principality were resolved. In 1868, the railway from Nice to Genoa passed through Monte Carlo. This contributed to the influx of players. Only in 1869 the casino was visited by an incredible number of guests at that time – 170,000 people!

The investor of the Monte Carlo casino was the Principality Bishop and the future Pope Leo XIII. Now there is the luxury hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo in his mansion next door.

The modern “Monte Carlo” is not a flat building where the gambling house was originally located. Perestroika took place as early as 1878-1879. The renovation was led by French architect Charles Garnier, who previously designed the opera house in Paris. Subsequently, the building was completed several times to increase the indoor space and was completely renovated in 1999.

Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco is an excellent architectural community. Atrium vaults are supported by 28 stone columns with marble plaster. From the lobby, one can go to the opera, which Fedor Chaliapin once sang, and Russian ballet stars can perform. The left side of the Atrium is adjacent to the rooms reserved for gambling:

Tables for playing roulette and poker in old halls with luxurious decoration side by side with gaming machines. The institution has one of the largest collections of slot machines in Europe – about a thousand units. The minimum bid is 0.01 Euro.

On the territory of the small administrative district (the Monte Carlo area is only 0.29 km2, and the whole principality – 2.02 km2), 4 large gambling establishments are concentrated. In addition to the famous “Monte Carlo”, you can visit here:

Most of the halls of the old building are open to tourists until 14:00 in the morning.

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