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As the whole world is conducted within the legal framework regulated by the state sports betting in Turkey.

Some countries keep the laws more flexible and open their doors for betting companies in other countries to serve in their own countries. However, no such case in Turkey. For this reason, while it is legal to play games only on domestic betting sites within the framework of the law, games made on foreign betting sites are considered illegal.

sports betting in Turkey, which is a branded name ‘Betting’ stood for. This is why people often use the word betting rather than betting. Betting in Turkey before the period had Spor Toto lottery games and sports. For this reason, the name of the institution organizing these games was named as the Spor Toto Organization. Currently, this institution is the sole authority of sports betting.

For this reason, Turkish betting sites have millions of members. Of course, the number of members of foreign betting sites, too many to be underestimated. However, due to its legal nature, local sites are always favorite.

The only problem is that all these sites are linked to a single platform. If new alternatives outside of İddaa were allowed and a competitive environment occurred, the rates would be affected positively.

In Turkey, the official and legally Betting played 6 has many online dealers. It is a bit difficult to become an online bookmaker and it has a very high cost. For this reason, all of these sites are established and operated by large companies. Let’s take a look at these sites together:

Bilyoner: Serving as the first virtual dealer of İddaa, the site broadcasts on “” internet address. Bilyoner managed to make a tremendous impact at that time. Currently most dealers because it is the first member of the betting site position in Turkey. Bilyoner Interactive Hizmetler A.Ş. It is managed by the company.

The institutions that sponsor include: Galatasaray Anadolu Efes, Turkey Basketball Federation (TBF), Turkey Sports Writers Association (TSWA).

Nesine: It was founded in 2006. The website is referred to as “”. Owner D Elektronik Şans Oyun ve Yayıncılık A.Ş. firm. Sponsorships: Fenerbahçe Sports Club, Euroleague (TK European Basketball League), Eurocup (7DAYS European Basketball Championship), Turkey Basketball Super League, Turkey Women’s Basketball Super League.

Oley: In 2009, E Elektronik Bet Games A.Ş. It was founded by. It is still serving on the “” web address. In 2015, it was bought by Broadage. It sponsors the Bursaspor football team in the 2019-2020 season.

Birebin: Birebin Şans Games Anonim Şirketi is the owner of the website “” established in 2011. The site does not have any sponsorship agreement for this year. There is the opportunity to play National Lottery, Spor Toto and İddaa on the site. Additionally, you can also access the newsletter horse races organized by the Jockey Club of Turkey.

Misli: In 2009, Misli Elektronik Şans Oyun ve Yayıncılık A.

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