Saint-Ferreol Side Flavors

Saint-Ferreol Side Flavors

Do you know the frenette? Have you ever seen an all-black cheese in homage to the Montagne Noire? And then Jérôme Roussillon from La Poêlée delights us at Revel with his breadcrumb tips, his little stories in Africa or on his Lauragais lands. Tasting in the rain facing the lake.

In a sumptuous setting at the source of the canal du midi
, and with weather changing to say the least, relive this gourmet show with us on the shores of Lake Saint-Ferréol. At the microphone of “Côté Saveurs”: jeromeboss of The Skillet
, alexander of the Marzac Dairy
, patrick of the black mountain ducks
, Karine of the frenette
(fermented non-alcoholic drink made from ash leaves). A nod also to the farm of the Bouriette


Our gourmet news

In the Lauragais a cooking class is planned in Saint-Félix-Lauragais this Saturday 13/05 to learn how to cook small seasonal vegetables and fish at the Auberge du Poids Public. Sunday 14/05, in Revel, open house and barter of plants in Amandine’s garden. And we will also have a brunch at the heart of Bastide residence.

Jérôme Roussillon organizes a immersive banquet inspired by Tolkien’s universe on June 2 at the Cité de Sorèze. And also games of food evenings at Revel.

Kitchen Me the Comminges

Wednesday, May 24, 2023, 12 finalists divided into 3 categories (pros, amateurs and young people) will compete to win the very 1st edition of the competition ” Cook me the Comminges! “. They were selected on file among all the candidates, by proposing recipes imagined based on a majority of Commingeois products. These will be offered for tasting during the grand finale on Wednesday May 24, 2023 at the Sainte-Thérèse hotel professional school in Saint-Gaudens (31). The jury will be co-chaired by the President of the Occitanie Region Carole Delga, Commingeoise and follower of good cuisine, and by Chef Florent Cluzel of the restaurant Maison Castet in MartresTolosane (winner of the 2022 Lucien Vanel Prize). Are finalists: In the professional category:

▪ Adrien Périssé – The Arches of Préville (Boulogne sur Gesse)

▪ Christophe Fricon – Town Hall of Saint-Léon (Saint-Léon)

▪ Nicolas Bui – The Buffet at the Grand Marché (Toulouse)

▪ Sébastien Rubio – HR Head Caterer at Home (Bordes-de-Rivière)

These 4 professional finalists will present a complete Commingeois menu including a starter, a main course and a dessert based on a majority of local products, including at least 1 product from local quality channels (Pyrenees lamb, Gascon beef, Tarbais beans, etc. .). In the amateur category:

▪ Anne-Carole Turlan (Lavernose)

▪ Carine Burghard (Montesquieu-Volvestre)

▪ Celine Salviac Malbert (Arbas)

▪ Melanie Frey (Sedan)

These 4 amateur finalists will present a Commingeois dish of their choice (starter or main course or dessert).

The jury of Cuisine Moi le Comminges
The jury of Cuisine Moi le Comminges

In the Toulouse agglomeration

At the start of the 2024 school year at Toulouse, the plastic trays used for collective catering will be definitively replaced by glass or stainless steel containers. A nice step forward for the environment.

AT Ramonville every Friday evening, a guinguette is set up on the town hall square with food trucks and entertainment.

This week is Operation Made in meat
in all of France. And here, to the south of Toulouse, there is, for example, Jerome Bretelle who runs 2 butcher shops in Muret, 19 avenue Jacques Douzan. 8th meeting until May 17 with the INTERBEV, the livestock and meat interprofession.


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