Our secrets and tips for making a strawberry tiramisu to die for

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Strawberries are making a comeback on the shelves. To put them in the spotlight, make way for these ultra-gourmet and easy-to-make tiramisu recipes.

Its famous vermilion red color catches your eye during your shopping? Strawberry season is well and truly underway! There Gariguette already delights the taste buds of the most gourmet. The one that symbolizes the arrival of spring is available in several recipes until the end of summer. Among these, the emblematic tiramisu revisited. The star of the Italian food knows how to highlight the Breton product. The chefs are also the first to combine mascarpone and strawberries for an explosion of flavors. Starting with this recipe shared by Laurent Mariotte in his program Petits Plats en Équilibre. His secret? Of the Reims pink biscuits to contrast the sour taste of the star of the season. Be sure not to forget the lime zest in your device. The latter will in particular sublimate the flavors of your spring tiramisu!

Combinations of flavors to enhance the taste of strawberries

To amaze your guests, trust aromatic herbs! Among the surprising combinations, but 100% winning: strawberry and basil! THE ” pesto du Midi will bring a touch of freshness to the tiramisu. Always to refresh with greed, the mint also appears as a formidable ally. Many strawberry enthusiasts like to eat them plain with a few scattered mint leaves and a drizzle of lemon. For the more adventurous, why not indulge in some preparations with thyme, rosemary or eventarragon ? Also, another ingredient goes perfectly with strawberry. The latter is none other than the White chocolate ! The realization is easy: it is simply a question of mixing the tiramisu device with 150 grams of melted white chocolate. This recipe will undoubtedly melt with pleasure sweet tooths!

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How to select the right variety of strawberries for your tiramisu?

Cyril Lignac also shared his secrets for varying the flavors of his strawberry tiramisu in his post for RTL. According to him, the choice of fruit is not insignificant for a successful recipe. Besides, the Aveyronnais swears that not the wild strawberry. This one is good sweeter than the Gariguette and devotes a particularly gourmet dessert. However, you will have to be a little patient, because the wild strawberry season does not start until June! Last tip, but not least: to ensure a choice of tasty strawberries, prefer instead products from our regions !

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