10 conseils que j’aurais aimé savoir avant de commencer Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (garantis sans spoil)

Tears of the Kingdom (guaranteed spoiler-free)

That’s it, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is out, and believe me, there’s a lot of work ahead of us. Like its predecessor Breath of the Wildthe beginning is sometimes dizzying and you don’t always know what to do or what to pay attention to.

After a hundred hours of play, I’ve learned a lot (and I still have more to discover), so I’m offering you ten tips that spoil absolutely nothing about the game’s content but that will allow you to more effectively understand Hyrule. of Tears of the Kingdom.

1. You can NEVER have enough ARROWS

This is really the first advice I wanted to give, I could almost have dedicated this article to this single commandment. We always lack arrows in Tears of the Kingdomin particular because, unlike in Breath of the Wildyou no longer have special arrows (lightning, fire, ice, etc.), you only have wooden arrows that you make special with your “Amalgam” power.

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So inevitably, you are going to need it for a lot of things. In combat, of course, they are still very effective at keeping a safe distance, but they are just as important in exploration, in puzzles, etc.

So, as soon as you have the opportunity: buy all the arrows, from all the merchants, from all the businesses you find. Break the crates, the pots to find others, recover those that are on the ground, those of the enemy archers, take everything, leave nothing.

Bonus tip: you can save money by directly throwing the item in question when you press R (and nothing else) without having to fuse it to an arrow. For example, to light a campfire, prefer to throw a fire fruit directly rather than a flaming arrow.

2. Everything is POSSIBLE with “Emprise”

The power “Emprise” or, more simply, the “trick to glue objects together”, is the real contribution of Tears of the Kingdom. From the moment you get it, anything becomes possible. Never tell yourself “it will not work” because yes, it will work. Your vehicles and constructions may be very crappy but work just fine. With a little imagination, and learning the physics of the game, you can build crazy things.

Not necessarily beautiful things, not necessarily aesthetic vehicles, but things that work. Can’t pass a spot? What if you took off or built a huge log ladder while clearing the surrounding forest? There are always multiple solutions to your problems, so never tell yourself it’s impossible. The game always gives you coins available to guide you, but nothing prevents you from bringing your own…

3. LIFT your head

“Infiltration” is the second most important power in your exploration. Just being able to walk through ceilings changes absolutely everything about how you explore, especially compared to BotW. You really have to take the reflex to tell yourself that it is more difficult to go below than above now. Find the angle, the right distance, and any platform above you will be within reach.

This also means that to reach the summit of a mountain, for example, you paradoxically have to sink into its bowels to climb it directly. Always keep this in mind.

4. Keep the CARDIO in sight

Endurance was already important in Breath of the Wildit is even more so in Tears of the Kingdom. Already, because you are going to do a lot more Parasailing and it consumes a lot of stamina to soar like a bird; then, because it is no longer possible to cheat with the “whistle sprint” glitch (which consisted of whistling at the same time to have unlimited running in BotW); and finally, because… you’ll see.

So even if the temptation to take one more heart is there, try to think about the stamina First of all.

5. Take NOTES (screens)

In BotW, not everything is indicated in your menus. In TotK, it’s the same, but there is even more info to remember: cooking recipes, treasures, unusual places, locations of powerful horses, etc. You’re going to pick up a lot of information, whether it’s from NPCs, in your dreams (yes, yes), by reading a book, or just looking at a poster on a wall.

So take notes, either the old-fashioned way on a good old paper notebook, or a bit more modern using the Nintendo Switch’s screenshot button. Information is power.

6. Break ALL the stones

Quickly, you will encounter pebbles, most often gray, sometimes blue. Break everything. So, yeah, you’re going to leave a few weapons there, so prioritize rotten (two-handed) weapons that you merge with small pebbles and build up your arsenal of rock breakers. In the stones, you will find something to rebuild these weapons, so break, rebuild your weapons, start again.

For what ? Because you will never have enough flint, never enough precious stones (which are resold at high prices but not only), never enough of all that. You are now Crusher Link.

7. The BEST materials for the best WEAPONS

The “Amalgam” power is very funny but above all mandatory in your adventure. All weapons in Hyrule are rusted by miasma so you will need to reinforce them with monster materials. It’s quite simple: the stronger the monster, the more it drops a material that increases the attack. It makes a lot of sense as a progression and equipment system. Except that the weapons always blow up.

So when you find a nice monster material, save it for a solid weapon of the “royal” range kind. The most common hierarchy is: “traveler” -> “soldier” -> “knight” -> “royal”, but you will find many others. Also, avoid putting things on your shield, it is certainly possible but it is not very effective except for a few circumstantial cases.

8. Don’t forget the MAIN (the quests)

In Breath of the Wild, we could go where we wanted, we could dodge the four dungeons of the game until the end if we wanted. It is a little less the case in Tears of the Kingdom. So you will never be forced to follow the main quest in a very specific order, but know that it is very interesting to help you later in your exploration. You unlock abilities that will help you move around, save resources, and more. In addition, the scenario is much better, so do not hesitate.

And even quests that seem secondary to you actually add enormous value to the adventure. We advise you, for example, to quickly improve your Pru’Ha tablet, it changes your life.

9. Long live the RELAYS

In BotW, the relays were mainly used to find your nag. In TotK, they are the nerve center of many more things: quests, merchants, treasures, cooking, sleeping, doggo or even predictions and information. It’s Hyrule’s PMU minus the gambling. There’s always something interesting going on here, so check it out.

Ah yes, and then there is always a well next to a relay, do not hesitate to visit them too.

10. Get Lost

Well, that’s the last piece of advice we’ll give you and it won’t be difficult to apply. Lose yourself in Hyrule, in the skies, in the caves, on the plains. Tears of the Kingdom is even denser than its predecessor, which means you’ll have an even harder time sticking to specific goals. And it doesn’t matter! Agree to go in seventeen different directions at once, to keep coming back to places. Take breaks, leave, harvest everything, kill all the enemies, lift the smallest stone. Everything makes sense, you have time.

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