The best healthy recipes from Thibault Geoffray

The best healthy recipes from Thibault Geoffray

Lose weight without depriving yourself nothing is impossible for Thibault Geoffray. In addition to his 90DayLC method which offers to get back in shape in just 3 months, the sports coach shares balanced recipes on her Instagram account, but also in her healthy recipe books. A food plan that breaks with preconceived ideas about nutrition and that proves that you can pay attention to your figure without skimping on gluttony.

Thibault Geoffray, another approach to healthy eating

His 90-Day Life Challenge is known to be a program of food rebalancing effective and yet very unrestrictive, which makes Thibault Geoffray a sports coach like no other. While most diets have in common that they generate frustration and are not sustainable over time, Thibault Geoffray advocates a healthy diet without deprivation, essential to obtain long-term results. His slogan Fit Fight Forever sums up his philosophy. Fit for the benefits that a healthy lifestyle brings to the body and mind, Fight represents the excess of care, and Forever stands for the long-term commitment essential to staying in shape.

My passion has grown to the rhythm of my parents’ fight

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Thanks to a natural diet, close to the paleo diet who favors natural and unprocessed foods, Thibault Geoffray saw his father’s chemotherapy treatment become more bearable. Likewise, her mother’s symptoms, suffering from an autoimmune disease, improved drastically when she reduced her consumption of gluten and cow’s milk. Considering the path of his parents as an inspiration, Tibault Geoffray is convinced that a balanced diet helps you regain more vitality and stay healthy.

Eating better without depriving yourself, the program made by Thibault Geoffray

Forget restrictive diets, it is not necessary to skip dessert or skip a gourmet breakfast to lose weight and stay in shape. It is simply necessary to replace industrial products with balanced recipes, rich in nutrients and with a high index of satiety. Rolled oats, gluten-free flour, mashed oilseeds and natural sugars… These are some of the ingredients that will allow you to prepare recipes with a low glycemic index, and therefore to treat yourself without feeling guilty.

The best recipes of Thibault Geoffray

Avocado toast, chicken burger and energy balls… From breakfast to dinner, including daytime snacks, Thibault Geoffray offers healthy recipes easy to prepare to facilitate the daily life of its community and its readers. Whether you are looking for a plan food rebalancing complete or inspired to adopt a healthier lifestylehere you will find a selection of balanced recipes imagined by the most followed sports coach in France.

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