Flag of Morocco: how to use this Moroccan symbol in decoration?

Flag of Morocco: how to use this Moroccan symbol in decoration?

History of the Moroccan flag

In the early Middle Ages, during the westward expansion of Islamic armies across Africa, traditions regarding flags were established and continue to influence the flags used today. For example, Muslim forces favored large military flags in solid colors that they associated with specific dynasties. The field of a typical flag was covered with stylized ornaments and/or Qurʾān inscriptions. Even when the ruling dynasties of Morocco, the “Farest West”, were independent of the control of Cairo or Istanbul, their flags were characterized by a single color (usually red or white), with or without inscriptions. Sometimes local symbols, such as the sword of ʿAlī, the hand of Fāṭimah or the crescent and star, have been introduced, although some of them are based on Berber heritage, which long predates the Islam.

In the 20th century, when Morocco came under the rule of France and Spain, local flag traditions were restricted. The plain red flag displayed by Moroccan ships was modified by the French on November 17, 1915. In its center was added the ancient pentagram known as the Seal or Pentacle of Solomon. This pentagram has a long history in ancient cultures, across wide geographic and religious areas, and its meaning is very different from the five-pointed star of modern flags, first popularized by the United States. The green pentagram on a red background continued to be used by Morocco even after France recognized the country’s independence in 1956.

Decoration ideas with the Moroccan flag

The flag of Morocco, with its red and green colors and its five-pointed star, can be used in various ways as decoration to express your love and pride for this country. Here are some ideas for integrating the Moroccan flag into your interior and exterior decoration:

  • Hang the Flag: Hang a Moroccan flag in your living room, bedroom or outdoor space. Be sure to choose a prominent location to display the flag and follow the rules of etiquette.
  • Cushions and textiles: Integrate the colors and patterns of the Moroccan flag into cushions, throws, curtains or other textile elements to bring a Moroccan touch to your interior.
  • Decorative Items: Use decorative items in the colors of the Moroccan flag, such as vases, picture frames, candles or rugs, to brighten up your space.
  • Wall Art: Create an artwork or canvas depicting the Moroccan flag, or incorporate the five-pointed star and flag colors into artistic designs.
  • Holidays and celebrations: For national holidays, cultural events or gatherings, use the Moroccan flag as the central element of your decoration. Arrange garlands, pennants and balloons in the colors of the flag to create a festive atmosphere.
  • Crockery and kitchen utensils: Choose plates, glasses and kitchen utensils in the colors of the Moroccan flag to bring a cultural touch to your meals.
  • Clothing and accessories: Wear clothing and accessories in the colors of the Moroccan flag or adorned with the five-pointed star, and encourage your guests to do the same at special events.

Be sure to respect the Moroccan flag and culture when using it as decoration. Avoid placing the flag on the ground, using it as a tablecloth, or handling it inappropriately. Get creative while honoring the history and meaning of the Moroccan flag.

Where to buy the Moroccan flag?

You can buy a Moroccan flag in various places, online or in person. Here are some options to help you find a Moroccan flag:

  • Specialty Flag Shops: You might find a specialty flag shop near you that sells the Moroccan flag.
  • Local Markets or Fairs: Local markets or craft fairs may sometimes feature flags, including the Moroccan flag.
  • Souvenir shops: If you are near a tourist area or a Moroccan embassy, ​​chances are the souvenir shops sell Moroccan flags.
  • Amazon: The e-commerce site Amazon offers a wide selection of flags, including the Moroccan flag. You can find it by searching on their website.
  • eBay: This auction and e-commerce site also offers new or used Moroccan flags.
  • AliExpress: This China-based e-commerce platform offers a variety of flags, including the Moroccan flag, often at affordable prices.
  • Etsy: If you’re looking for a handmade or vintage Moroccan flag, Etsy is a good place to look.

Remember to compare prices and check the quality of the flag before purchasing. Also be sure to factor in shipping costs and delivery times if you’re buying online.

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