Queen's granddaughter, she wakes up the old castle of Annebecq in Calvados

Queen’s granddaughter, she wakes up the old castle of Annebecq in Calvados

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Aurélie, Achilles and Alexandre are ready to welcome visitors to their home
Aurélie, “Achilles” and Alexandre open their guest rooms at the Château d’Annebecq, Villa Mon Repos, in Landelles-et-Coupigny, in Calvados. ©The Voice Le Bocage

At 48 both, Aurélie and Alexandre have just realized their dream of leaving the hyper-urban environment of Paris to open a guest house in the countrysidesurrounded by their animals.

They have been the happy owners for 2 and a half years of the Annebecq castle (also called Villa Mon Repos), at Landelles-et-Coupignyin Calvados.

A park and a dovecote

“Through her life stories, Reine, my Norman grandmother, made me want to come and settle in Normandy, which also has the advantage of not being too far from Paris. And Alexandre had already spent time in this region which he appreciated. We visited a few properties and we literally fell madly in love with this house in its natural setting,” reports Aurélie.

However, when they arrived, they needed a lot of imagination to see in this building marked by ten years of vacancydrowned in an inextricable jungle of brambles, the jewel which today proudly raises its beautiful silhouette of the 18th century in the middle of a 7,000 m² park with basin and period dovecote.

Major work needed

As soon as the suitcases were put down, without any particular training, the couple embarked on pharaonic works which will last 2 and a half years.

“We had to be madly in love with each other to withstand the vagaries of this work. We did everything by ourselves. We lived these Last 30 months in the works. It was painful, but Alexandre like me are persevering and optimistic. And then, we were very well received and helped by neighbors like Claude, delighted to see the castle reborn”.

This building was the residence for a hundred years of Château Landellles
This building was the residence for a hundred years of the community of Blon. ©The Voice Le Bocage

“A cozy, calm, serene place”

Aurélie and Alexandre have done more than revive the old castle, they have made it an atypical residence with a strong personality, welcoming and comfortable; endearing, in their image where Alexandre, a former cook, can on request prepare a delicious meals for his guests.

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Spread over 3 floors, the 2 suites and 2 bedrooms with bathroom are decorated in a colorful style with a maximalist design nourished by Aurélie’s travels to the four corners of the world and the the couple’s taste for art and the flea market.

We wanted to create a cosy, calm, serene, rejuvenating place, but also lively and friendly. What we want is for people to feel good here, to come back for the place.

Aurélie, owner of the castle

To top it off, the price range is reasonable, ranging from €80 to €95 (breakfast included). Of course, pets are welcome.

The first reservations have barely been registered and the indefatigable couple are already thinking about what to do next: “We are thinking of opening a gîte at the entrance to the park which could also host events… We’ll see! »

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