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the art of frozen pastry in 60 delicious and surprising recipes

Givré introduces us to the art of frozen pastry through 60 superbly illustrated recipes by Emmanuel Ryon.

Frosted East a beautiful book which opens wide the doors of gluttony. The universe in which we dive is that of Emmanuel Ryon, sacred world pastry champion in 1999 And best worker of France Glacier in 2000. That sets the context! In this book, he shares with us his passion and delicacy for ice cream and sorbets.

“Creative and disruptive, he managed the feat of bringing together the world of ice cream and French pastry reinterpreted with talent. […] With a certain extravagance, he elevates ice cream to the rank of art. »

Pierre Hermé

Gluttony, an art

To be completely honest, it’s out of sheer curiosity that we wanted to turn the pages of this book, and not out of interest or even a particular taste for ice cream. I have to say that Éditions de La Martinière have the art of offering attractive cases to the subjects covered in their books, like our latest discovery of their catalog, An interior of one’s ownby interior designer Marianne Evennou.

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© Delphine Constantini

No question of architecture or decoration here, were we going to write… But nothing is ultimately less certain! In any case, our eyes have found something to widen again over the pages. And we have to admit that we salivated over some recipes that are sometimes as intriguing as they are appetizinglooking like works of art…

A book that will amaze us…

It must also be said that Delphine Constantini’s photographs are superb and the beautifully staged recipes and ingredients. Indeed, beyond very sophisticated aesthetic of the creations they reveal, they almost manage to make us live experience their texture ! Which is pretty brilliant. Then only remains for our imagination to do the rest and… the taste is sometimes really not far away!

Critique Frost_2
© Delphine Constantini

After a retrospective of the history of ice cream over the centuries, from the evolution of its place in societies and its method of manufacture, to become “an art recognized and tasted all over the world”so we lose a few degrees to get to the heart of the matter.

“My common thread is gluttony!

Emmanuel Ryon

And, frosty, probably that Emmanuel Ryon is a bit if we consider some unlikely associations ! Bold, shall we say. In effect, creativity, originality, gluttonyas well as the taste for travel of the founder of the ice cream and frozen pastries shop An ice cream in Paris are reflected in his recipes for ice cream, cakes, frosted fruit, popsicles, and frozen drinks…

… and the taste buds!

So, There is something for every taste. Moreover, against all odds, we would gladly take the risk of tasting the vanilla avocado ice cream, basil peas or black garlic from Drôme! The less adventurous can always enjoy the vanilla, popcorn version; maple syrup brownie, white chocolate ice cream; of hazelnut churros dessert ; or rose petal sorbet…

Critique Frost_4
© Delphine Constantini

And why not refresh the aperitif a little with mojito cocktail popsicles or cocktail pastis? A little strawberry sorbet and tagada crispsregressive, can have its little effect for dessert… Come on, we can’t resist the pleasure of mentioning a few other delicacies like hazelnut, raspberry and pepper sorbet financier, the frozen chouquette, or even matcha tea coconut milkshake… And we prefer not even to tell you about the macaroons!… In short, a beautiful book that definitely made us melt.

Givré, by Emmanuel Ryon, was published on May 5, 2023 by Éditions de La Martinière.

Frosty Criticism



A feast for the eyes and taste buds !

This beautiful book offers recipes that are original, elegant and sophisticated, but nevertheless within reach of those who like to cook at least. Making ice cream an accessible product of excellence is Emmanuel Ryon’s dream, and this book is one more step towards that goal.

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