Le cabaret music-hall de Thiers organise une soirée à l

The music-hall cabaret of Thiers organizes a blind evening to raise awareness of visual disabilities

It’s an evening like no other that the Moulin Bleu will offer on Friday, June 2. The Thiers music-hall cabaret has decided to organize a blind dinner-show.

A day of casting to recruit two dancers at the Moulin Bleu, the Thiers cabaret

A charitable action

In partnership with the puydomoise association Options Arts Médias, which promotes the right to creation for all, spectators will be made aware of the various visual disabilities as soon as they arrive. “Customers will be equipped with a blindfold as soon as they leave the locker room. They will have to move like blind people with the instructions of the association, which knows the codes”, describes Sandy Benoist, the owner and artistic director of the Moulin Bleu.

Once at the table, they will have to enjoy their meal blinded and they will only be able to rely on their other senses.

We are going to offer for the occasion a unique meal with our caterer, which will be different from usual, with more flavors, spices, since the guests will have to recognize what is on their plate in the form of a game. The service will be done at the front!

Sung interventions will be performed by the cabaret artists during the dinner, always to introduce new sensations to the assembly. Finally, after this unique experience, cabaret customers will be able to remove their blindfolds and admire the Moulin Bleu review, which will not change that evening.

The Moulin Bleu dancer, Sandy Benoist, will take over the legendary music-hall cabaret of Thiers (Puy-de-Dôme)

The director of the festive place in Thiers had already carried out a first charitable action, last year, around colorectal cancer. “I want to bring my stone to the building, it is close to my heart. Part of the profits of the evening will go to the association which will also make an intervention at the time of the intermission”, continues Sandy Benoist.

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Up to 200 people can take part in this evening event, before the end of the cabaret season, which takes place a week later.

The objective is to show that with singing, dancing, gastronomy, one can always express oneself with art, regardless of the handicap.

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