La serveuse remplace l’addition de ces 2 pompiers par un mot, ils débarquent à son domicile

The waitress replaces the addition of these 2 firefighters with a word, they arrive at her home

This story is both surprising and touching. A waitress named Amy overheard a conversation between two firefighters who were talking about one of their calls. One of the firefighters praised his colleague for successfully getting an elderly bedridden lady to safety while her home was on fire. He told him: “For a moment, I thought you were gone, mate. »

Amy is a rigorous employee of the Good Times motel. She is regularly named employee of the month and is fully involved in her work. Every morning, she is the first to put on her apron and happily prepares breakfast for the members of the motel cleaning team. In addition to being dedicated to her work, Amy is generous and regularly offers pastries to children and the elderly.

Amy wanted to thank the two firefighters for their intervention by offering them a nice surprise.

Two firefighters received a free meal for their bravery

The firefighters were called for a difficult intervention, but they simply did their job. One of the firefighters saved a little girl and her puppy, but he said his colleague was the real hero of the day.

Touched by their courage and their modesty, the waitress of the motel decided to offer them their meal. Instead of bringing them the bill, she left a quick note: “Real heroes don’t pay for breakfast here. Thank you for your service. It’s our way of saying thank you. Come back to see us soon! »

The two firefighters were surprised and moved. They replied, “That’s incredibly kind of you. We will be there, provided you let us pay”.

They offer a wheelchair to the father of a waitress

Back at the motel restaurant, the two firefighters noticed that Amy was not there for the evening service. They were worried and asked for information. They learned that the waitress’ father had taken a fall and she was therefore present at his bedside.

The firefighters decided to act immediately. They asked another waitress for Amy’s address and drove to her house.

“We know about your dad, Amy,” one of the two firefighters said to a very surprised Amy. Then he added, “We found your GoFundMe page. That’s when we realized your dad desperately needed a wheelchair. We learned that he had a fall yesterday. Is he okay? »

Amy explained to the two men that her father’s wheelchair had been broken again, causing him to fall.

The firefighters then offered Amy a wheelchair for her father. Very moved, she thanked them for their heroic gesture.

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