Une trentaine de célibataires ont participé à un week-end sur le thème de l

a special singles weekend organized at Camping Paradis de Sonzay

It looks like a classic summer camp. With sporting challenges and dance evenings on the program. Except that the participants are not teenagers, but adults. They are around thirty to have registered, with the aim of finding a soul mate, for the special singles weekend organized by Camping Paradis “L’Arada Parc” in Sonzay, May 12, 13 and 14. A place privatized for the occasion. It’s more conducive to reconciliation.

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Besides, from the first evening, it hit the mark. Marc, a resident of Loir-et-Cher, spent the night accompanied, in his mobile home. He has the smile of a 10 year old kid. “I met someone good, he smiles. I fell in love, it’s a fact. Afterwards, the future will tell. That’s all I have to say .” We will not know more about this nascent idyll.

Several activities have been proposed to facilitate exchanges... and connections.
Several activities have been proposed to facilitate exchanges… and connections.
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At the same time, after eight years of celibacy, he does not want to ignite. Neither does Anthony. Scalded by dating sitesthe 30-something who lives in Saint-Avertin, wants to take his time. “We get to know each other, the current is going well, there are affinities that are created and that’s good. What will happen will happen. The goal, when I registered, was already meeting new people. Websites aren’t my thing. I tried, but it never worked. That’s still better. You see people.”


Successful bet, already the first rapprochements

And if Cupid doesn’t shoot his arrow right away, it’s not lost yet. “I created a Whatsapp group so that we can all meet again laterexplains Karine, who arrives from Loudun, in Vienne. With some, we can very well remain friends.”

The merry band, in fact, seems to get along well. Something to delight Amandine Avril, the director of Camping Paradis de Sonzay. She did not expect such chemistry. “I’m very happy with the result, to see the cohesion, the fluidity of the exchanges, it’s natural. This idea came from an evening with clients last year who said to me: ‘You should Speed-dating at the campsite, there are lots of singles and you don’t realize that until the end of the holidays, it’s a shame.’ I said to myself: ‘After all, why not?’ I, too, had a few years of celibacy. Internet sites, we know that it’s not always winning. Personally, I need real connections, to meet people in real life. So, I wanted to get some true and feelings in all of this.” The bet is rather successful. “I saw, one morning, a breakfast for two with a little kiss. We say to ourselves that we have succeeded in the mission of the weekend!”


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