Arc-les-Gray.  Old cars and motorcycles are still popular with enthusiasts

Arc-les-Gray. Old cars and motorcycles are still popular with enthusiasts

The interest of the population for old vehicles was confirmed this Sunday. Throughout the day, a steady stream of visitors came to admire cars, motorbikes, vans and talk to owners who were delighted to share their passion. From 2 CVs to the Dauphine, via the Peugeot 403, 140 vehicles from all eras took their places under the Halle Perrey and its adjoining car park, in response to the call from Jean-Yves Marchand and the association Passion Vehicule Vas de Saone.

Passion is indeed the key word at the heart of all exhibitors’ and visitors’ remarks. “We realize that the enthusiasts get visitors out and the latter are happy to see the means of transport of their time or the time of their parents and grandparents”, blows the organizer who appreciates the mobilization “of many exhibitors and visitors. The city of Arc-lès-Gray also helped us a lot. We are twelve volunteers for this day and the cars and other vehicles unite”.

A success

In the aisles, Justine and Makram take full advantage of this entertainment: “We’re from Gray and we’ve seen the posters and since Makram likes the oldest cars, whatever they are, we came. And when we see all this, we like it. It’s good when there is activity in the area,” they note.

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For the association, this second meeting is therefore a success which is complemented by other activities. Created in 2022 in Arc-lès-Gray, it currently brings together 38 members who show a strong interest in these old vehicles and wish to “have a good time and share knowledge. In addition to this big exhibition, we offer an outing in the summer, once a month with a picnic, visits. We did four last year up to Lake Villegusien (52), for example. Two weeks ago, we went out in the department with 12 vehicles, ”explains Jean-Yves Marchand. Others will follow in addition to a participation in the garage sales of Velet. Each collector in the region can join the association to live their passion collectively.

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