Découvrez la recette du sirop de fraise fermenté

Discover the recipe for fermented strawberry syrup

Everything can be preserved thanks to fermentation. Vegetables, such as seasonal fruits. There are several: fermentation with salt, in brine, with sugar.

No need to peel

For salt fermentation, there is no need to peel the vegetables. We just wash them. “You just have to grate them, explains Christine Legeret, culinary designer and photographer

based in Bourges. Then we mix with salt and fill the jar. It is necessary to pack well, so that there are no air bubbles. We only leave a centimeter of space between the preparation and the lid of the jar. You can put the jar on a plate or tray, in case there is an overflow. »

Fermentation can use brine. “The pieces of vegetables are bigger, and immersed in salt water, continues the author. The preparation must be submerged. It is covered with a weight, a porcelain or glass dish. An inert material, not metal. »

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Then you have to wait, each recipe has its ideal fermentation time, from two to four weeks. “It depends on the ambient temperature, the salt, the water…”

Three or four weeks of fermentation

Fermentation can also be done with sugar. As in the case of this syrup (or raw jam) of strawberry, rhubarb and elderberry. For this, you need 250 g of hulled strawberries, 350 g of rhubarb cut into pieces, elderflower florets and 600 g of unrefined blond sugar.

“In a jar, we put a layer of sugar, a layer of strawberry-elderberry, a layer of sugar, and a layer of rhubarb-elderberry, and so on, ending with a fairly thick layer of sugar, explains Christine Legeret . We mix every day the first week, every other day the second, twice a week the third. After three or four weeks, the fruits can be eaten separately like a jam. You can drink the syrup with water, add it to a fruit salad. »

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Raw, non-iodized sea salt

The pots must be very clean and dry. “The most important thing is the water, because it contains chlorine: it must therefore be filtered or decanted so that the chlorine evaporates, points out the photographer. You need raw, non-iodized sea salt. Fruits and vegetables should be chemical free. »

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