the Welsh who has adopted our region

the Welsh who has adopted our region

We no longer present Michael Jones! But do you know why he loves our region so much? And what does he like to do outside of music? We get to know him differently around a British breakfast.

Michael Jones
lives on the outskirts of Lyon, not far from St Exupéry airport and the TGV station: a strategic crossroads which allows him to be quickly connected to the rest of the world. Not to mention that it is located in the heart of a region where gastronomy, nature and grandiose landscapes are at the rendezvous. It’s not to displease this Welshman who adopted Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes… unless it’s the region that adopted him.

The stage more than anything.

Michael Jones was born in 1952 in Welshpool, Wales, to a Welsh father and a Norman mother. After having created a first group, Urban District Council Dib Dob Band, in 1966, he moved to Normandy and played as guitarist-singer in the Norman group Travert & Cie. In 1972, released a first 45t of which he signed the lyrics of the title which appears on the B side.

He then joined the Taï Phong group at the end of the 1970s and had to replace Jean-Jacques Goldman at short notice during a tour. A friendship is created between the two musicians and they will quickly begin to collaborate together.

The rest of the story, we know it: the hit “Je te donne” in 1985, which remains 8 weeks in a row at the top of the Top 50, the participation in numerous albums by Jean-Jacques Goldman, the Fredericks Goldman Jones adventure, the Enfoirés troupe (which he accompanied for more than 30 years), without forgetting a solo career and great collaborations.

If he announced that he would not make a studio album, Michael Jones does not give up the scene. A space that allows him to satisfy his passion for live music and vibrate with his audience.


An epicurean who has a sense of sharing.

But apart from the music, what drives Michael Jones? Sharing, no doubt.

A bon vivant by nature, he enjoys being surrounded by his friends and sharing a good meal. It is also motivated by this desire to combine cooking and music that he had launched, following the confinements, the emissions “Jam
” on his YouTube channel. Comedian Sellig, a long-time friend and whom we call, participated in one of them. Find it here.

Around a good British breakfast, with tea, baked beans
And HP sauce
, Michael Jones tells us about his love for the region, his childhood memories in Wales and his beginnings. He also reveals his playlist, his view of the news and shares some good addresses.

Michael Jones in the Brunch, on France Bleu Isère
Michael Jones in the Brunch, on France Bleu Isère
© Radio France

Alain Solomon

To go further: read “My best chances”, the autobiography of Michael Jones (ed. Robert Laffont), whose preface is signed Jean-Jacques Goldman.

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