ce tout nouveau bar insolite sur la mangue ouvre ses portes à paris

This brand new unusual mango bar opens its doors in Paris

Paris is the ideal place to discover many bars and tea rooms based on very different and often very original concepts. A particularly unusual place has just opened its doors in the capital: a bar entirely dedicated to mango, whether in terms of decoration or menu. We give you all the information here.

A concept from China for a colorful atmosphere

A concept like this may seem amazing, and yet it has been around for several years in China. Hui Lau Shan, as it is called, is a particularly popular brand in Hong Kong.

She meets a resounding success there, and it does not date from yesterday. This tea room has indeed existed for almost 60 years there. So after revisiting the Irish coffee at Andy Wahloo, it’s time to taste the mango drinks.

If this intriguing concept makes you want to discover more, know that there are three different addresses in Paris where you can go. Two are in the XIIIᵉ arrondissement, and the third is in the Marais district.

By pushing the doors of Hui Lau Shan, you will find yourself face to face with an unusual decor. If you like yellow, so much the better, because everything is entirely yellow. It is of course aboutevoke the color of mango. Thus, you can admire the yellow chick furniture.

For an even more successful immersion, mango-shaped stuffed animals are hung on all the walls.

A menu offering dishes and drinks made entirely from mango

Obviously, mangoes do not end up on the walls. The great originality of this address lies in its menu. You will only find there recipes prepared with mangoamong :

  • Teas
  • Ice-creams
  • Desserts

If you come to the tea room around noon, you will have the opportunity to have lunch there. In effect, dsavory dishes are also displayed on the map of Hui Lau Shan. For example, you can taste chicken wings with a sweet and spicy sauce, or savory Chinese pancakes.

The bar strives to offer as much as possible Chinese specialties, and this is also the case for desserts. It offers, among other things, mango pancakes and rice pearls.

If you want to discover new tastes in a unique concept teahouse, you will definitely find what you are looking for in Hui Lau Shan.

Address: Hui Lau Shan, 44 Avenue d’Ivry Oslo shopping center, 75013 Paris

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