Why shouldn’t cherry tomatoes be cut in half?

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Tomatoes are back soon! To celebrate, nothing better than a nice refreshing cherry tomato salad. But, before embarking on the preparation, did you know that it was better to avoid cutting them in half?

The tomato season extends from May to Octoberso they finally make their big comeback. We don’t know about you, but we missed them. In dishes or salads, they always remain as tasty and bring a real plus to our preparations. In addition to being delicious, they are an excellent source of vitamin C and participate in a better assimilation of calcium and iron.

Decidedly, they have everything for them, these tomatoes! Not to mention the cherry tomatoes, which are real little balls of happiness, ready to release their flavors under the pressure of our teeth. With a little basil, cheese or a drizzle of olive oil, they become totally irresistible !

Often, we are used to cut in half to slip them into our salads. But where can this mania come from? They are already so small… In addition, it’s not easy to cut, with a bad knife, they can quickly explode
Perhaps in the collective imagination, cutting a cherry tomato would betterseason ? However, the truth is quite different. Discover, immediately, why you shouldn’t cut them in half !

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Why shouldn’t it be done?

You will have noticed that when you cut a cherry tomato in half, it loses its juice. The membrane that encloses the whole being broken, the seeds escape and therefore the flavors too… In a salad with vinaigrette for example, the water contained in the tomato is therefore found at the bottom of the salad bowl (or plate) and come dilute our preparation. As a result, we end up with hollow tomatoes And a water sauce… It’s not ideal for keep a maximum of taste.

What to do then?

Best is just to keep the whole cherry tomatoes, which will be much more interesting to eat! To season them properly, you can do three small holes inside, using a fork or toothpick. In this way, the juice will not be able to escape and the vinaigrette will be able to penetrate and flavor your tomatoes for an even better result gourmand And tasty ! You will tell us about it.

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