15/05: the Departmental Council of Haute-Savoie met in a permanent committee

15/05: the Departmental Council of Haute-Savoie met in a permanent committee

Monday, May 15, the Departmental Assembly met in Standing Committee under the chairmanship of Martial Saddier. Here is a selection of voted deliberations.

Social action and solidarity

  • €198,800 to various associations whose objective is to promote access to users’ rights and to maintain social cohesion; €58,000 Assistance to Victims and Judicial Intervention (AVIJ) for the care of perpetrators/eviction and training courses for accountability of perpetrators of domestic violence; €11,600 distributed between the Maison d’Arrêt de Bonneville, the solidarity 2000 collective and the Une farandole association within the framework of actions for integration.
  • €130,600 to five associations in order to support actions for access to employment for beneficiaries of active Solidarity income.


  • €82,000 to the Espace Handicap association for the implementation of its actions for the year 2023.
  • €20,800 distributed among different associations in order to support actions that complement and are consistent with the Department’s social and medico-social action policy.

Environment / agriculture

  • €19,800 to the 37 farms that have taken out a bank loan from the Crédit Agricole des Savoie for the purchase of fodder.
  • €216,800 to the Departmental Federation for Fishing and the Protection of Aquatic Environments (FDPPMA) and four AAPPMAs for development work, the rehabilitation of the Puya fish farm basins, the installation of photovoltaic panels at the Brouaz fish farm or the acquisition of equipment (electric fishing gear, boat, etc.).

Sensitive natural areas:

  • €35,200 to the SIAC for a study on the risks of pollution linked to farming activities.
  • €21,800 to the Syndicat Mixte du Salève for the realization of the 2023 orchards plan and the position of biodiversity referent.
  • €63,300 to the Departmental Hunting Federation of Haute-Savoie for the implementation of investment works (development of a kitchen in the workshop dedicated to the promotion of venison, installation of a charging station for electric vehicles, securing of groups workshop cold) as part of the hunting plan.
  • €23,000 to the Departmental Federation for Fishing and the Protection of Aquatic Environments (FDPPMA) for the implementation of diagnoses on the sub-watersheds of the Arve.


  • The “educational cities” system allows actors and institutions to ensure educational continuity from early childhood to young people aged 25 as part of the national mobilization “City policies”. Two projects were selected in Haute-Savoie: the educational city of Bois Jolivet and that of Perrier-Château Rouge-Livron d’Annemasse. The Department offers, through its college competence, the provision of dedicated workspaces, furniture, computer equipment and all materials contributing to the successful completion of projects as well as financial support if necessary.


  • €40,000 to Haute-Savoie Nordic under the tourism policy and the Nordic plan in order to support the marketing development actions of the Nordic sector.

Territorial solidarity

  • €50,000 to the Commune of Clarafond-Arcine for the project to renovate and extend the presbytery.
  • €18,400 to the CHOTO Vol Libre Association for the purchase of suitable equipment (paragliding wheelchair for Persons with Reduced Mobility (PRM) in tandem, sails, a carrying bag, an emergency parachute) following a fire on the chalet that occurred on the night of April 1 and 02, 2023.


  • €55,470 distributed between different associations and organizations in order to support them in the realization of artistic practice sessions in establishments welcoming people with disabilities or loss of autonomy within the framework of the departmental “culture and disability” system.
  • €340,000 to the Departmental Office for Cultural Action (ODAC) for the year 2023 in order to carry out its missions of promoting live performance, access to culture for remote audiences and citizenship education through actions dedicated to the youth.
  • €1.4 million divided between four municipalities and two associations within the framework of the “support for cultural investment” system in order to support cultural investment projects in movable or immovable property.


  • €296,530 within the framework of various subsidies under the sports policy: €125,400 to 14 organizers of departmental sports events; €21,330 to 4 sports clubs; €23,000 to the Departmental Cycling Committee for the 2022-2023 season; €91,300 to 3 clubs for the purchase of equipment; €24,000 to the Municipality of Saint-Jeoire for the creation of a pump track and €11,500 to the Municipality of Groisy for the rehabilitation project of the Parmelan gymnasium.

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