5 tips to start a food rebalancing

5 tips to start a food rebalancing

Food rebalancing, we hear about it, but we don’t really know if it’s a new diet or a fad. Fourchette & bikini joins forces with Croq’kilos to take stock and give you 5 tips to start a food rebalancing.

What is a food rebalancing?

To lose weight, we often think of diets. Yet they are usually drastic and far too low in calories. The result is therefore not up to our expectations since as soon as the diet is stopped, the pounds return. This is the famous “yo-yo effect”. Unlike a diet, food rebalancing is a long-term one. I’diet is varied, balanced and without frustration. The basic principles are based on:

  • The consumption of fruits and vegetables, raw and cooked (up to half a plate during meals) for their fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
  • The contribution of starches (a quarter of a plate during meals) which provide energy.
  • The choice of proteins quality such as poultry, eggs, fish (twice a week) or legumes (a quarter of a plate) which fill you up. We will reduce cold cuts (150 grams per week maximum) and red meat (500 grams per week maximum).
  • The consumption of two dairy products low in fat per day (yogurts or 0% cottage cheese, fresh cheese, camembert, etc.).
  • The replacement (in part) of refined cereals by Whole grains.
  • The addition of nuts in the diet (at the rate of a small handful per day).
  • Choosing the right sources of fat (olive oil, walnut oil, etc.) rich in unsaturated fatty acids and omega 3, 6 and 9.
  • A good hydration (water is the only essential drink).
  • The reduction of fat, sugar and salt.
  • The removal of industrial dishes transformed.
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5 tips for getting started

To help you start your food rebalancing, Fourchette & bikini joins forces with Croq’kilos to suggest 5 tips that guarantee success!


Nothing will be possible if you don’t really want it. Starting a food rebalancing to please a loved one or to respond to the dictates of society will not work any more than a drastic diet. Quickly, you will resume your bad habits and the feeling of failure will only be reinforced. However, by gradually adopting a better lifestyle, you will quickly observe results and will not even have the feeling of making efforts to maintain your figure.

Be supported

It’s always difficult to change your diet if no one knows about your new resolutions. Inform your family and friends. It will be easier to share good, balanced dishes if you don’t have to fight against your friend who loves to prepare cheese pies during your aperitif dinners. And if your favorite colleague swears by ready-made industrial meals, put her in the confidence. She could also embark on a food rebalancing, at least during your lunch break! Don’t we say that alone we go faster, but together we go further? And this is the objective of a food rebalancing: that it be sustainable over time.

Get organized

To cook healthier and more balanced, you sometimes have to change your habits in depth. If you don’t like to cook every evening, now might be the time to discover Batch cooking. In addition, there are many quick and delicious recipes. To save time and have everything you need on hand, anticipate your meals and therefore your shopping. There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to make a recipe because an ingredient is missing. Also think about breakfast. It is essential and should not be skipped. With organization, everything will seem easier.

Take a picture

If you start a sports activity at the same time as your food rebalancing (and we strongly advise you to do so!), you will probably not immediately observe a weight loss on the scale. Indeed, fat mass disappears in favor of muscle mass. Therefore, to observe the transformation of your figure and stay motivated, taking a picture of yourself is a good idea. Wear the same set of underwear, take a picture of yourself in the same place and in the same position and observe: a reduction in love handles, less touching thighs, thinner arms… should motivate you more .

Store the scale

We are not telling you not to ride on it anymore, only to take it out only once a week maximum. Every 15 days is even better. The obsession with numbers has never been an ally in the fight for weight loss.

As a bonus!

For your food rebalancing to be even more effective, here are two “bonus” tips!

  • Take care of the quality of your sleep. Many scientific studies have shown that a lack of sleep is responsible for weight gain. Also, not getting enough sleep can be a source of stress. The latter then causes the release of cortisol, the stress hormone, also responsible for the extra pounds. You should sleep 7:30 to 8 hours a night to lose weight.
  • Move! A healthy and balanced diet is inseparable from the practice of regular physical activity. If you like sports, do not deprive yourself of it! From the most intense like running, Zumba, tennis… to swimming, walking or Pilates, you’re spoiled for choice! And if you really don’t like sport, still practice 30 minutes of physical activity a day: walk as often as possible, take the stairs instead of the elevator and don’t stay longer than 2 hours. in a row without moving. While diet helps control calorie intake, physical activity will be key to burning calories and losing more weight.


A food rebalancing, unlike a diet, must be thought out over the long term. To succeed, keep in mind that a change in daily habits is essential and that you must therefore really want it for it to work. However, once implemented, a rebalancing will allow you to lose weight and take care of your health. You have everything to gain. Finally, leave room for small deviations that will make you happy, but master them. You can fall for one or two sweets, but not for the package!

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