Blake Lively's sports coach gives his simple tips for building muscle

Blake Lively’s sports coach gives his simple tips for building muscle

In an interview given to E! Newsthe actress’s personal trainer delivers her keys to maintaining her body without embarking on restrictive diets.

The silhouettes of the celebrities he trains speak for themselves. In an interview given to E ! News May 7, Don Saladino, American sports coach of Blake Lively, gave his advice for building muscle effectively. A vision and recommendations far removed from ultra-strict diets and exhausting sports training.

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The one who also trains Anne Hathaway, Emily Blunt and Cindy Crawford first invites us not to underestimate the benefits of walking. Like other endurance practices such as running or jumping rope, walking maintains the cardiovascular system and helps burn fat. Don Saladino believes that taking 10,000 steps every day is an ideal goal. “Walk in the morning, walk to work, after each of your meals, even half an hour,” he lists.

A better composition of the plate

“Let’s stop talking about weight loss. Let’s talk about changing the composition of the body, ”underlines the coach. The latter thus warns against methods based on the calorie deficit, which consists of consuming fewer calories than those burned by the body. For Don Saladino, these methods consist mainly of starving, depriving the body of energy and causing uncontrollable cravings for snacking.

The coach then invites his clients to improve their diet rather than reduce it, thanks to foods such as proteins, fruits and vegetables, certain fermented foods such as kimchi, sauerkraut, and even starchy foods. “It’s allowed, he quips, no one has ever died of brown rice.”

To maintain his motivation to go to the gym, Don Saladino favors regularity rather than intensity. “Let’s just activate, do something and see how it feels. The goal is to feel better starting from your training than arriving there, ”he says. Finally, the quality of sleep and regular hydration are “non-negotiable” conditions for the trainer. “These are fat burners and it’s free!”, He concludes.

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