Food, nutrition and climate: 70 learned societies, organizations and associations call on the government to resist lobbies

Food, nutrition and climate: 70 learned societies, organizations and associations call on the government to resist lobbies

This summer, the government will define its National Food, Nutrition and Climate Strategy (SNANC), which will guide France’s food policy by 2030. In view of this important deadline, a group of 70 environmental, consumer and , health and solidarity, wrote an open letter to the attention of the Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne.

Recalling that “our diet plays a major role in climate change, the collapse of biodiversity and the explosion of chronic non-communicable diseases (cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, cancers, etc.)”, which first affect the most precariousthe collective invites the government “To resist pressure from certain agricultural and agri-food lobbies and to follow the recommendations shared by scientists and civil society”. The group urges the government to learn from the failure of past policiesby applying and integrating recommendations from both specialized bodies (French Public Health, ANSES, etc.) and civil society.

The expectation of concrete and binding measures

The collective expects in particular from the government concrete measures to help everyone eat better, for health and for the planet, to support the collective catering sector and farmers in the ecological transition if necessary. He also hopes that binding measures will be programmed, starting with the prohibition of advertising for harmful products for health and the environment, the obligation of the Nutri-Score and of a possible ecological equivalent, and the indication of the farming method. He believes that the entire French population should be made aware of the importance of a healthy and sustainable diet.

The necessary transition to sustainable food cannot be made without mobilizing and supporting all citizens and all agricultural, agri-food and food distribution players.”, still believes the collective. This brings together, among others, non-governmental organizations such as Greenpeace, Générations Futures, Action contre la Faim, Alternatiba, or even Bioconsom’acteurs, but also health organizations such as the French Federation of Diabetics, the National Federation of Education and Health Promotion (FNES), the League Against Cancer and the League Against Obesity.

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Food, nutrition and climate: 70 organizations call on the government to resist lobbies

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