He only ate pizza and burgers for breakfast, lunch and dinner and lost over five pounds.

He only ate pizza and burgers for breakfast, lunch and dinner and lost over five pounds.

Either way, Mercer’s main goal was to show that you don’t have to give up your favorite foods to get the results you want. According to him, the calorie deficit is more important than the food consumed.

The pizza diet

Mercer, 34, made his own pizza for each day. He considers this to be the hardest part of the experience, as the preparation took up a lot of time in his busy schedule.

“Every day I ate pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Every day I ate two pizzas made with pita bread and a larger pizza made with classic pizza dough, which works out to about ten slices a day,” Mercer says, adding that he supplements his diet with en -case.

Since he prepared everything himself, the experience did not represent a significant financial burden. “The estimated daily cost was around six pounds (about £160) for two pita pizzas, one conventional dough pizza and three salads,” he explains. Mercer was still spending about two to three pounds on snacks. Thus, on a daily basis, his meals cost him less than three hundred crowns.

He only ate pizza and burgers for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and lost over five pounds.

In terms of daily calorie intake, he ate between 1,800 and 2,100 calories Monday through Friday. On weekends, he increased his intake to 2,700 calories per day. Besides calories, he also made sure to eat enough protein and at least seven servings of fruits or vegetables a day. He also exercised regularly throughout the process.

The video in which he describes the course and the results of the experiment has already been viewed more than two million times and has generated many reactions. Mercer is pleased with his results, but cautions that everyone is different and a similar diet may not be right for everyone.

Burgers instead of pizza

Given the success, he decided to renew the experience. His choice fell on hamburgers, which he ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

“I ate a total of 104 burgers. Among them, 97 were homemade. I was eating three to four hamburgers a day and I lost five and a half kilos,” boasted the physical trainer.

With these two experiments, he proved that it is not necessary to catalog foods, but simply to pay attention to the level of consumption.

“At the end of the day, the most important thing is to eat the foods you love, even while dieting,” summarizes Mercer.

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