Here it all starts (spoilers): Marta makes a new start and Lisandro declares war on Theo

Here it all starts (spoilers): Marta makes a new start and Lisandro declares war on Theo

On May 16 in Here it all begins (TF1, 6:35 p.m.), Samia makes efforts with Ethan, Marta makes a new start and Lisandro declares war on Théo…

In the episode ofHere it all starts from Tuesday, May 16, 2023, Samia (Emma Boulanouar) brings breakfast in bed to Ethan (Rik Kleve). She apologizes to him for his cold reaction the day before, when her boyfriend brought her a bouquet of flowers. She is aware of her lack of romanticism but says she is ready to learn to please him. In the morning, Samia takes advantage of Lenglard’s class (Victoria Montfort) to tell about the surprise she gave Ethan to Jasmine (Zoï Séverin) and Billie (Margaux Aguilar). To continue on this beautiful momentum, the two students suggest that she send a message to Ethan to have lunch with him that afternoon, but Samia is not very comfortable with that. Decidedly, romanticism is not his thing.

Despite everything, Samia finds Ethan for lunch, as well as Billie and Tom (Tom Darmon). The young woman has a few small gestures of affection for her boyfriend, but she is not comfortable in public… In the afternoon, Ethan and Axel (Thomas DaCosta) go to see Lionel (Lucien Belvès) to ask him for help with their revisions. The young man hesitates and tries to find out if “grumpy cat” will be there too. Ethan does not immediately understand, but learns that “Grumpy cat” is the nickname given to Samia at the Institute due to her constant bad mood.

Marta makes a fresh start

Early in the morning, Marta (Sarah Fitri) declares having found an interesting job offer in a beautiful restaurant in Gruissan. Joachim (Janis Abrikh) is happy to see her finally take charge, but he finds it very odd that his sister took charge so quickly. Clotilde (Elsa Lunghini), who confessed to Marta that her brother had escorted her to maintain her, changes the subject. For her part, Marta goes to the studio to cook and make a book. Seeing her dishes, Charlène (Pola Petrenko) finds them a little too classic. They lack personality, while Marta does. Charlène therefore offers her friend to help her.

A little later, Teyssier surprises the two young women in the kitchen. Charlène explains to her father that Marta is making a book of recipes to complete the CV that she is going to send to Indecise, the restaurant in Gruissan. Marta, who learned from chef Armand that Teyssier knew the chef of the restaurant, tries her luck and asks her ex-director to write her a cover letter. Teyssier refused straight away, recalling that he had fired him from the Institute. Moreover, he does not know if her level has remained good since she left school. Standing up to him, Marta suggests that Teyssier taste the dessert she has made. The pastry chef complies, but makes no comment and leaves. At the end of the day, Marta finds Joachim and Clotilde and tells them about her conversation with Teyssier. She is convinced that the chef did not like her dessert, but the truth is quite different. Indeed, Marta receives a call from the head of Indecisive, who offers her an interview on the advice of Teyssier. On a small cloud, Marta accepts and then thanks her brother, who did everything to get her there.

Between Theo and Lisandro, war is declared

Anais (Julie Sassoust) has been down since his altercation with Lisandro (Agustin Galiana). She feels like she broke her ex-boyfriend and that he will never be able to forgive her for his betrayal. Théo (Khaled Alouach) offers to go talk to the room manager, but Anaïs doesn’t think it’s a good idea. The conversation is interrupted by Teyssier (Benjamin Baroche), who is flabbergasted when he sees Anaïs in the arms of his son. The director of the Institute immediately gets angry, emphasizing that this situation is going to put a damper on the atmosphere at Double A. Theo assures him that this will have no impact on the service. Arriving at the Institute, Anaïs is challenged by Lisandro. He apologizes to her for the night before, confident that he doesn’t want things to end like this between them. He then tries to tell her something but, failing to do so, turns around and leaves. Upset, Anaïs confides in Salomé (Aurélie Pons) that she wants to be there for her ex…

Later, Lisandro finds Theo and Deva (Kathy Packianathan) in the kitchen to prepare the lunch service. The room manager finds it difficult to hide his anger and prefers to slip away, leaving Deva to manage the service. Alerted, Anaïs goes to see Lisandro and points out to him that if he does not resume his post, he will alienate Teyssier. To calm things down, she offers him to do the service with him. During it, Lisandro deals with difficult clients and begins to lose patience. Anaïs, noticing this, intervenes and solves the problem. Her complicity with Lisandro is such that Deva begins to believe that their story isn’t really over. She entrusts it to David (Liam Hellmann), who doesn’t believe it at all. Indeed, Anaïs is no longer in love with Lisandro. Deva, she thinks that true love does not leave like that. The couple decides to make a bet on what happens next.

After the service, Anaïs notices that Theo is sulky and understands that he didn’t appreciate her helping Lisandro. The young woman explains that she wanted to calm things down to avoid problems with Teyssier. It doesn’t matter that she was an accomplice with Lisandro in the gym, she left him for Theo, with whom she is in love. Reassured, the young man kisses her right under Iñesta’s eyes. At the end of the day, Theo finds Lisandro in the kitchen to review the menu for the following week. The head of the room is disrespectful and ends up threatening him, declaring that he will do everything to get Anaïs back and that he won’t let him take the woman he loves…

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