Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 665 of Tuesday, May 16, 2023 [SPOILERS] - News Series on TV

Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 665 of Tuesday, May 16, 2023 [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV

In the next episode of “Here everything begins”… At Double A, Anaïs saves the service, but Theo worries. Encouraged by Clotilde, Marta pulls herself together. Despite her best efforts, Samia struggles to be the perfect girlfriend.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast Tuesday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday, May 16 in Here it all begins…

Anaïs helps Lisandro

Anaïs has trouble recovering from Lisandro’s reaction the day before. She feels like she’s broken him and fears he’ll never forgive her. Theo comforts her. At the same time, Emmanuel surprises them together. He points out how their relationship is likely to cause problems between the kitchen and the dining room at Double A. But Theo promises that the service will not be impacted.

Arriving at the Institute, Anaïs is approached by Lisandro, who apologizes to her for her behavior the day before. He takes her hand, but can’t express what’s on his mind. Anaïs feels pained to see him so unhappy. While Salomé advises him to keep his distance so as not to give him false hope, Anaïs considers it her duty to support him.

Before the Double A service, Theo, Deva and Lisandro take stock together. Finally, the master of the room admits that he does not feel capable of ensuring and leaves the kitchens. Warned by Deva, Anaïs catches up with him to make him change his mind. Lisandro confides that he can’t stand working with Théo. But Anaïs reminds him that his job is at stake. She therefore offers to help him during the shift.

Thanks to his presence, Lisandro manages to manage the service. As he takes care of a table of fussy customers, Anaïs comes to his aid to prevent him from losing patience. Lisandro is grateful.

At the end of the service, David comes to check on Deva in the kitchen. The young girl tells him everything that happened, especially between Lisandro and Anaïs. Theo, who overhears their conversation, wants to make things clear: it’s not because they’re working together that they’re going to get back together. Alone again with David, Deva nevertheless continues to believe that there is still hope for Anaïs and Lisandro’s relationship.

For his part, Theo finds Anaïs in the park. He tries to figure out why she helped Lisandro, upset by Deva’s comments about their indoor chemistry. Anaïs reminds Théo that she loves him and that she left Lisandro for him. But she also reminds him that her ex meant a lot to her and that she doesn’t want to let him down. Lisandro, meanwhile, sees them kissing from afar.

Lisandro joins Theo in the kitchen to brief on next week’s service. The waiter takes the opportunity to openly criticize the chef’s choices on the menu. Theo therefore puts his feet in the dish. Lisandro then warns his rival that he will do everything to recover Anaïs…

Samia tries hard

In order to apologize for her behavior the night before, Samia brings Ethan breakfast in bed. She says she’s ready to make an effort to be more romantic because it’s important to him. Ethan is very touched.

In class, Samia tells Billie and Jasmine about her initiative. On the other hand, she has no other ideas. Jasmine suggests that he send a message to Ethan to ask him how he is, while Billie suggests that he come to lunch with her and Tom. Samia starts to panic a bit.

During lunch, seeing Billie and Tom cooing under her nose, Samia abruptly takes Ethan’s hand, who kisses her back. When the boys go to pay the bill, Samia admits to Billie that she doesn’t feel at all comfortable with showing affection in public. Her friend assures her that she is doing well.

In the afternoon, Ethan and Axel ask Lionel to coach them for their revisions. The 3rd year accepts, on the condition that Samia, whom he nicknames grumpy cat because she is always sulky, does not join their group. Shocked by this nickname, Ethan defends his girlfriend.

Marta pulls herself together

Relieved that Marta is finally starting to look for a job, Joachim nevertheless wishes to apologize for having lost his temper with her the day before. Marta forgives him, then announces to her brother and Clotilde that she intends to apply as second in the starred restaurant L’Indécise. Since Teyssier knows the restaurant’s chef, Clotilde suggests that her sister-in-law ask him for help. In the meantime, Marta intends to reserve the studio of the Institute to create a portfolio in addition to her CV.

On site, Marta can count on the help of Charlène to concoct a dish and a dessert that are in her image, then to take pictures of them to showcase them. When Teyssier goes to see her, Marta takes the opportunity to ask him to write her a letter of recommendation. To convince him that she deserves it, Marta suggests that he taste her marvelous. Teyssier takes a spoon, then leaves the studio without saying a word.

Back at her brother’s, Marta doubts she has convinced Teyssier with her dessert. However, at the same time, she receives a call for an interview with the chef of the restaurant L’Indécise, set for the next day. Indeed, Teyssier personally recommended it. While Joachim leaves to get champagne to celebrate, Clotilde congratulates Marta. She also takes the opportunity to tell him that she regrets having revealed her brother’s escorting activity to him. Marta feels that she did well because it motivated her to look for work. In any case, she does not think to approach the subject with her brother, for fear of making him uncomfortable. Clotilde agrees with her.

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