Kate Middleton's uncle castigates Prince Harry's behavior

Kate Middleton’s uncle castigates Prince Harry’s behavior

Prince Harry attends the coronation of King Charles III. (London, May 6, 2023.) Abaca

Gary Goldsmith criticized in a column relayed by the DailyMailSaturday, May 13, the attitude adopted by the Duke of Sussex during the coronation of Charles III.

He first praised his niece Kate Middleton, endowed according to him with an “elegance” beyond measure. Gary Goldsmith, the uncle of the Princess of Wales, has indeed returned in a column published by the DailyMail, on Saturday May 13, on the coronation of King Charles III. If he first painted a dithyrambic portrait of his niece, the author of the article was much less lenient towards Prince Harry, whom he described as “a spoiled rotten child”.

“Wales – Kate, William, Charlotte and Louis – were all beautiful, and for many of us they came across as the most confident and relaxed people at the event,” began Carole Middleton’s brother, who specifies having watched the ceremony on television. Before adding: “The same cannot be said of Prince Harry, seated a few rows behind them, who looked indifferent, and behaved like a stubborn and sulky teenager”.

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“Harry who?”

Gary Goldsmith thus castigated the alleged self-centeredness of the Duke of Sussex. “And here was Harry, the incarnate malaise, who acted like a spoiled brat, and who quickly took a flight back to Los Angeles, in order to attend his son’s birthday party, he underlined. Finally… A birthday happens every year, while his father’s coronation only happens once in a lifetime. He was desperately trying to be the center of attention that day, and it was absolutely brilliant, because everyone ignored him. Harry who?”

A behavior that Kate Middleton’s uncle compared with that of Prince William, according to him exemplary. “On the other hand, there was William, who was trying to catch his father’s eye, to give him moral support and send him positive vibes,” he continued. Everything that has happened in recent years has brought them closer and united.

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The “prince of whining”

Gary Goldsmith has also expressed his incomprehension of the comments made by Prince Harry in his Netflix documentary. “I got angry when Harry suggested that royals marry people ‘who fit the mold, not those they might be destined to have a love affair with’,” he launched. Kate Middleton’s uncle has indeed pointed out that he had “never seen a more relaxed couple” than that of his niece and Prince William.

“After they got married, I saw Kate flourish in her role, and that was with the support of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh,” he added. And Gary Goldsmith to conclude: “Forget Meghan and Harry, the “prince and princess of whining”. The King, Queen, Prince and Princess of Wales are the new ones”FabFour“.” Understand, the new headliners of a monarchy which now wants to be more modern and “lightened”.

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