Nancy.  Discover these five restaurants with unusual concepts

Nancy. Discover these five restaurants with unusual concepts

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In recent months, several restaurants have opened in Nancy with new concepts.
Since 2022, several restaurants have opened in Nancy with new concepts. (©AD / Lorraine News)

You’re a bit lost when you’re looking a restaurant in Nancy ? We propose to you five places who offer original concepts for dining.

Go back to childhood for a meal

Opened in January 2022, the Barbara Kitchen restaurant, more often called Barbie Kitchen, immerses you in the world of the famous doll. In an entirely pink setting where the figurines Barbie mingle, the nostalgia of your younger years will resurface. On the menu, the restaurant offers salads, croquemonsieurs as well as brunches the weekend.

Barbara Kitchen
14 rue Notre-Dame (in the Blue Passage)

Eat local products like at McDo

A stone’s throw from Place Stanislas, the Champêtre restaurant aims to be “good, fast and inexpensive”. As in a fast food chain, you order and pay on a touch terminal to guarantee a expedited service. But here, no industrial products. Food is grown and raised locally, in Lorraine. “Directly from farm to plate“, as the owner of the place says.

7 rue Stanislas

Ignite your plate

Dining at La Flamme du Chef is a true culinary experience. In this restaurant, the dishes do not arrive cooked but raw. Once served, the chef pours a little plant alcohol into it and ignites the plate. Skewers of meat, fish, cockerels or cocotte eggs: everything goes over the flame. An innovative cooking concept developed by Laurent Probst, a chemist by training and head of the Cookal company.

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The Chef’s Flame
14 rue de la Faiencerie

Print your photo in your cafe

Do you want to be “lathered”? Honey has the solution. Thanks to his foam printeryou can order a coffee or one iced tea by adding the image of your choice. In a few minutes you get a unique drink. The brand also offers brunches, savory and sweet dishes throughout the day.

Honey Coffee and Food
6 rue de la Visitation

Savor ten restaurants in one place

Pizza, burger or sandwich? Choosing what to eat is often a dilemma. The concept of Food Lab solves (partly) the problem. Several independent restaurateurs are gathered in one place where everyone has their own kitchen. At the touch terminals or on the internet, you can order in several brands at the same time. Six restaurateurs have already been installed since the opening at the end of April 2023. Four others are to join them in the coming weeks.

Food’Lab Nancy
61 avenue du XX Corps

For cooking lovers vegan, we invite you to discover Big Sister. This coffee-shop located at 148B rue Saint-Dizier offers many traditional dishes adapted to plant-based cuisine. All in a friendly atmosphere to feel at home.

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