Nice.  The world champion of small stuffed dishes shares her recipe (and her secrets)

Nice. The world champion of small stuffed dishes shares her recipe (and her secrets)

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Christine Grosse is the 2023 world champion of small stuffed foods from Nice.
Christine Grosso is the 2023 world champion of small stuffed foods from Nice. (© Cyril Bottollier-Lemallaz / News Nice)

Sometimes it is enough that one’s own mother is not a virtuoso in the kitchen to become one. “My mother cooks very badly and I had the slab…” Christine Grosso started cooking and since then she has become world champion of small stuffed niçoisin Nice (Alpes-Maritimes)!

Sunday May 14, 2023, she seduced the jury (and not the least, please, with Jacques Maximin, Philippe Joannès, the Tourteaux brothers… In short, Best Workers in France and Michelin stars). But she is not a professional cook.

A chef with a passion for cooking

Christine Grosso, 50, is the founder and manager of Cape Medicinethis preparatory class for medical competitions.

Nothing to do with the world of cooking, of course, but if she’s not at work, she’s with a dish in her hands, ready to put it in the oven.

For who ? Her and her friends, of course. But she willingly shares her passion. She was very active during confinement by creating the Facebook page “Kitchen your 06” to help restaurants sell their take-out meals.

Christine herself has concocted trays for people in need.

Respect for the Nice tradition

“I have always been passionate about all cuisines, but especially Nice cuisine. I pay attention to detail and respect tradition,” she explains. The head of the company is not at her first attempt: she tried the competition by 2019 and finished at 4th place.

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Since that experience, she vividly remembers the advice given to her to improve herself.

Think about stuffed stuffing: it’s traditional, a popular family dish with leftovers.

Christine Grosso2023 world champion of small stuffed foods from Nice

hours of preparation

So, for her second attempt, this year, she pulled out all the stops.

A preparation of two half days. Vegetables cooked on time, boiled with a marrow bone and some meat to give them a taste extraordinary.

The tomatoes were dried with salt on absorbent paper for long hours.

There prank callmade with less than 50% meat “because it is a popular dish”, in the sense that the meat is expensive. Everything was cooked in a dish with olive oil and sugar to make them look like “caramelized sweets”that we would ask for more until the devil takes us away.

The world champion in sharing

“You have to build stuffing in successive layers, and respect all of them, to feel the taste at each step. In the stuffing, she puts sauteed vealof the stewof ham heel and a lot of vegetables.

There breadcrumbs, she made it herself from pieces of bread. She also prepared her Parmesan cheese. Cooking is at different degrees to keep the texture of the ingredients.

A little more patience for full details. But they will arrive, “it’s promised”, she swears to us.

She is going to publish (and we will use it here) the recipe for her little stuffed animals so that everyone can redo them at home. “If I can share, I would be very happy to have participated. »

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