Nicole Kidman's Cannes whim to rinse her hair

Nicole Kidman’s Cannes whim to rinse her hair

The actress would have ordered during a stay at the Carlton hotel, during the Cannes Film Festival. A hair habit that she would share with other celebrities.

As the Cannes Film Festival begins this Tuesday, May 16, Paris Match Earlier this month devoted an article to the reopening of the mythical Carlton hotel, opened in 1911. The palace has just had a refresh after two years of work and the magazine takes the opportunity to come back to the secrets that its corridors have long sheltered. And it is in particular the little whims of the stars that are revealed.

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We thus learn that Nicole Kidman ordered 40 bottles of Evian there one day, not to quench a great thirst during the Festival, but to rinse her delicate hair. A very specific request which is explained by the presence of limestone and chlorine in tap water, elements known to damage the hair and irritate the scalp.

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Nicole Kidman isn’t the only celebrity who swears by mineral water for her hair. Legend has it that Madonna and Kim Basinger have long only used the French brand for their blonde hair. A rumor that the actress of LA Confidential (Curtis Hanson, 1997) then denied it on television, as reported by the New York Times : “I have never washed my hair with Evian water. I mean, I don’t know how you can do that, unless you’re lugging all those bottles around your bathroom.” Enough to ensure Evian a premium reputation in the United States despite everything. Demi Moore would also be customary with mineral water as rinse water.

If it is true that limestone and chlorine are not the hair fiber’s friends, there are still other ways to limit their damage. Thus, in 2015, Gilles, technician at the Leonor Greyl show, explained to us that “lemon, like vinegar, neutralizes the limestone in the water. It gives shine and volume to the hair”. It is then enough to pour, under the shower, a few drops of a squeezed lemon into the rinsing water. It is also possible to invest in an anti-limestone knob or a filter. In short, more ecological and much less expensive solutions to whisper in the ear of Nicole Kidman.

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