the 5 specialties to taste urgently

Today, we take you to discover the best specialties, in terms of pastriesof Bordeaux ! If you are passing through Bordeaux, or if you already live there, you cannot miss these sweet delights. And yes, our region is full of traditional delicacies, each one more delicious than the next. In this article, we present to you the 5 Bordeaux pastries to taste urgently, for a unique taste experience. Prepare your taste buds, it’s going to be delicious!

Canelés, THE specialty of Bordeaux pastries

Cannelés La Toque Cuivrée Bordeaux©La Toque Cuivrée

How to talk about Bordeaux pastries without mentioning the famous canelés ? It is said that this delicacy was invented in the 18th century, by the sisters of the convent the Annuncials. The latter would indeed have taken over the recipe of the canelot, a cake wrapped around a cane stem and fried in lard (pork fat). For the preparation, the sisters obviously used leftover flour found in the holds of the boats in the port of Bordeaux. Since then, the recipe has evolved a great deal and the canelé, made from rumof vanilla and of cane sugar, has now become iconic. Soaked in Armagnac with Mathilde’s countercrunchy as in The Copper Toquethese little sweets will conquer your heart…

Where can you come to taste them?

We wouldn’t want to show favouritism, because several addresses are to be recommended… But if we really had to choose, we would recommend that you The Copper Toque !

Les Dunes Blanches from Chez Pascal, a summer treat

Dunes Blanches Chez Pascal Bordeaux pastries©Bakery Chez Pascal

Returning home one summer evening, around 5 a.m., the son of the great baker pascal lucas created a pastry, which today continues to seduce the most gourmet palates. Indeed, it is at Cap Ferretat dawn, that The White Dunes are born. Brice Lucas, Pascal’s son, decided to associate with a golden owla soft and light cream, of which only his father holds the secret. A pleasure for the taste buds, the idea appealed to Pascal, who put some dunes on display that very morning. What was his surprise to find that this combination of flavors was a great success with his customers! Today, it is said that the lightness and curves of the White Dunes redraw the light summers of Cap-Ferret. A pastry that is fully part of the sweet specialties of Bordeaux and its region.

Where can you come to taste them?

Dunes Blanches at Pascal

7 Rue de la Vieille Tour, 33000 Bordeaux

Les Puits d’Amour from Maison Seguin, a cake that will make you melt

Well of love house Seguin patisserie burgundy©Maison Seguin

We are talking here about a real call to gluttony! Available in small bites, this classic Bordeaux pastry attracts fans from the region. A fine and firm dough, a light, unctuous and airy cream, a crunchy caramel… The Wells of Love at Maison Seguin are experiencing real success. The Seguin father, who had learned this unique recipe from a pastry chef Pausettled in Captious after the Second World War in order to set up his bakery and pastry shop there. A pastry whose recipe remains well guarded and a specialty to taste urgently if you pass by Bordeaux.

Where can you come to taste them?

The Wells of Love – Maison Seguin

58 Cr Portal, 33000 Bordeaux

Les Bouchons de Bordeaux, gourmet pastry and specialty of the region

Burgundy pastry corks©Bouchon de Bordeaux

Driven by the desire to create a regional specialty, the pastry chef-chocolatier Jacques Pouquet liked to experiment with different ingredients. grapes, wine, Fine Bordeaux… So many flavors and culinary elements that he enjoyed mixing in his creations. It was when he discovered almond trees, in the vineyard of Lussac Saint-Emilion, that he had the idea of ​​mixing almonds and grapes. And, finally, after several tests, Bordeaux cork was born ! With its look of Corkthis pastry is, in fact, a small almond oven flavored with Fine de Bordeaux. A specialty of the region which, since 1999, was available in two variants: Chocolate Bouchons and Chocolate Cognac Bouchons. An original pastry that is one of the specialties of Bordeaux, to be tested!

Where can you come to taste them?

Bordeaux Cork

12 Chem. of Bacchus, 33520 Bruges

Pastis landais, a pastry from the Landes

pastis landais brioche©Landes Tourism

Landes pastis is a brioche dating from 17th century. At that time, peasant women prepared it in large quantities for important occasions: communions, weddings, local festivals… The Landais people have kept this tradition, since we still find Landes pastis at tea time, or in traditional festivals. . This melting and compact pastry can be flavored with vanillaAt rumTo anise or at the Orange Blossom. It is a family delicacy, which delights everyone at breakfast, children at teatime and even guests for dessert. In short, a pastry which is unanimous and which is fully part of the Bordeaux specialties !

Where can you come to taste them?

At the Petrin Moissagais

72 Cr de la Martinique, 33300 Bordeaux

And because we’re nice, we’ve added a pastry to our selection…

Les Merveilles, a delicacy born from a Christian tradition

Mardi gras wonder donut

carnival donuts have their origin in a Christian tradition: Lent, fasting period of 40 days. Indeed, the day before Lent (Mardi Gras) was a day when excesses were allowed: original carnival costumes, large consumption of food… Christians then carried out donuts and crepes, to use up all the reserves of fat and eggs that they could not keep during the fast. Although Lent is less practiced today, the tradition of Mardi Gras is still relevant. Donuts have different names depending on the region of France. But, in the Bordeaux region, they are called wonders ! And that’s good, because these pastries are wonderful and are Bordeaux specialties.

Where can you come to taste them?

In most bakeries, during Mardi Gras.

In short, the culinary richness of the city does not stop at the main course. Each of its Bordeaux pastries has its history, its tradition and is a specialty. THE cakes and others sweet treats almost deserve a separate list. We hope this list has made you want to discover these gourmet delights and the many pastries in the city!

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