the Top Chef is back in the culinary competition!

the Top Chef is back in the culinary competition!

Adrien Cachot is the guest of Top Chef this Wednesday, May 17. Discover the challenge that the darling of the public will launch to the candidates.

This Wednesday, May 17 marks the great return ofAdrien Cachot in Top Chef ! The Season 11 runner-up will challenge contestants on the topic of creativity.

After Jordi Roca’s challengeAdrien Cachot will ask non-qualified candidates to stage a cause important to them through a creative and committed plate. Who of Sarika, Hugo, Mathieu or Carla will be the best on this event? And who will be eliminated? To find out, go Wednesday May 17 from 9:10 p.m. on M6. In the meantime, (re) discover the biography of Adrien Cachot below.

How old is Adrien Cachot? Biography of a popular chef

Born October 10 1989 in Cenon, Adrien Cachot had to force fate. This craftsman’s son quickly experienced difficulties at school. I liked school, but I was not made for a normal system”, he told TV Mag. At the end of the third, he tries to enroll in masonry, sewing and cooking. Each request ends in failure. Fortunately, his father finds him a two-week internship at the restaurant. The Cape, by Nicolas Magie. His apprenticeship will ultimately last three years…

“I felt a strong feeling of rejection from society. Many of us are in this situation. It’s super destructive, you can’t imagine how much. We desocialize. A complicated time. I found myself up against the wall. And seeing your parents disappointed when you’re 15 is hard.”, he confides to the Parisian. Little by little, cooking becomes an all-consuming passion. This football and graffiti enthusiast then went on to conclusive experiences: two years at The Troquet canteen of Christian Etchebest, three years at the brewery Ze Rock (near Bordeaux) then a year as chef of the Peter Pan, a Parisian tapas bar.

At the end of 2019, his participation in the 11e top chef season offers him a major projecting blow. His place as a finalist, a disappointment? “I received so many positives that I ended up forgetting the outcome of the final.” In fact, his personality“hard to figure out” captivated a large part of the public. Simple, charismatic, Adrien Cachot goes off the beaten track.

Where is Adrien Cachot’s restaurant?

Next to his Franco-Japanese wife, Emie WadaAdrien Cachot opens in 2017 his first restaurant in the Trinité district (9e district of Paris). baptized Detour, this bistronomic establishment with its refined decor and around twenty covers gives pride of place to seasonal products. A very affordable menu at lunch (22 euros), a more advanced gastronomic score at dinner (65 euros): the chef seduces customers. Quickly, word of mouth worked. After the success of Top Chef, the 30-year-old decides to close his restaurant. He has another very clear project in mind. What we already know: it will be on a human scale and will give pride of place to products that are not necessarily noble.

In July 2020, the chef also partnered with Mallory Gabsi to open an ephemeral chip shop in Paris named 140° Street. Victims of their success (nearly 1000 people a day rushed there), the two cooks finally closed the establishment after five days… An experience more missed than successful even if we were able to exchange with people”.

In October 2021, Adrien Cachot begins a three-month residency within the Perch Ménilmontant. There is a blind menu, served at dinner. The chef sees this period as a full-scale test, before opening his own restaurant.

In September 2022, the finalist of Top Chef season 11 is embarking on a new adventure: that of opening a tapas bar within the Food Society’s Food Court, near Montparnasse station. Adrien Cachot offers a creative and daring menu, on which fans of the show rush.

How to define your kitchen?

“Cooking takes up 98% of my day, even when I’m not working”, he explains bluntly to Elle magazine. In his restaurant Detour, Adrien was able to refine his style. If he enjoys working with local products traditionally set aside (duck tongue, duck feet, barnacles, etc.), the Girondin associates flavors with accuracy and creativity. A few notable examples: rabbit kidney breaded with spices on tapiocaconfit pork belly, cauliflower and strong juice or marinated beef heart, sour cream, harissa and crunchy radish.

What are his cult recipes?

Among the recipes that made an impression in the eyes of viewers, there is this trompe-l’oeil dessert made in the final. In the middle of this dish baptized “Chocology” throne one broken “plastic” cup made of sugar and an quite disconcerting mushroom ice cream. This unique achievement shows a certain know-how.

Another recipe that honors a tripe product: the beef belly burger. In the sandwich, there are in particular cabbage, chervil, tarragon, cheddar and cayenne pepper. A gourmet and original marriage in the image of a chef with a bright future.

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