L’astuce à connaître absolument pour garder le pain frais 15 jours sans le congeler

The trick you absolutely need to know to keep bread fresh for 15 days without freezing it

© The trick you absolutely need to know to keep bread fresh for 15 days without freezing it

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Many French people take bread with every meal. One of the reasons why this food quickly empties on supermarket shelves. However, this ingredient does not keep in the open air. And to keep it looking fresh and crispy at the same time, we invite you to try this infallible trick. A method that will, for sure, make your job easier!

Bread: An essential part of French cuisine!

Bread is an essential food in our daily lives. It accompanies with many meals of the day, be it breakfast, lunch or even a snack. In addition, there is a wide variety of the latter in bakeries.

You probably have your favorite bakery where you buy it regularly. But be aware that it is quite possible to prepare it yourself. Baking bread is easier than you might imagine. Especially since it allows you to always have fresh and hot at home.

On the other hand, it is also a good way to control your budget. And for good reason, you can prepare the exact amount you need. This, avoiding waste if the bread becomes stale.

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By making your own bread, you also have the opportunity to experiment with different recipes. Like adding various ingredients and customizing the taste to your preference. What could be better for a rewarding activity!

The best way to keep it!

Storing bread is often a challenge for lovers of this pastry. When left out in the open, fresh bread quickly loses its crispness and becomes dry. The result remains the same although it is sliced ​​and wrapped.

Note that the bread does not keep for more than four days before it starts to rot. Some people may have tried the traditional bread bin method. Unfortunately, this technique is not always very effective.

After exploring different methods that work more or less well, why not try the one that actually works? In fact, we often forget that the fridge is an ideal place to keep fresh bread.

However, it is necessary to follow some rules in order to preserve the quality of your bread. Steps that should not be overlooked instead of placing your baguettes directly in the refrigerator. We reveal everything to you!

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Bread: This incomparable trick to discover absolutely!

To store your bread correctly in the refrigerator, it is important to choose the rightlocation appropriate. Avoid the vegetable drawer, as the temperature there is usually above 6°C.

Note that high humidity promotes the formation of mold. Also, do not place your ingredients in the coldest part of the refrigerator.

Basically, the top floor of the device is reserved for dairy products, meat and cooked fish. The middle zone of the refrigerator is the ideal place for your bread.

The temperature there is around 4°C, which is perfect for a optimal conservation. Be sure, however, to wrap the food carefully in a plastic bag. Finally, pierce small holes in the packaging so that it can breathe.

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