This recipe for quiche with artichoke bottoms is quick and easy to prepare!

This recipe for quiche with artichoke bottoms is quick and easy to prepare!

The artichoke arrives in force on the market stalls, between March and September! During high season, this vegetable cousin of the thistle can be cooked in all sauces, as these 15 gourmet preparations with artichoke show. Among these delicacies with vegetal notes, this quick and easy-to-prepare artichoke heart quiche recipe is particularly tempting… Here are all our tips for concocting it with ease!

Easy artichoke bottom quiche recipe


Close-up on the recipe for quiche with artichoke bottoms

Eight ingredients, no more, no less: that’s what you’ll need to prepare your artichoke heart quiche. In addition, only kitchen basics are needed, such as onion, puff pastry, eggs, mustard and salt. Without forgetting artichoke bottoms, the fleshy part of the vegetable located at the base of the leaves.

On the timing side, advice to gourmets in a hurry: this easy-to-make artichoke bottom quiche recipe requires only 20 minutes of preparation. Once the pie is ready, bake it for 30 minutes, and you’re done!

Quiche with artichoke hearts

Quiche with artichoke hearts

To succeed in this quiche with artichoke bottoms, it is still necessary to have artichoke bottoms turned in the rules of the art. Here is the step-by-step procedure.

• Place the juice of a lemon in a bowl filled with water: the citric acid will slow down the oxidation and blackening of the artichokes.

• Next, remove the stems from the artichokes. Using a knife, cut each artichoke to about 3 cm from its base.

• Peel the artichoke with a knife so as to remove the leaves. As far as possible, avoid cutting the artichoke bottoms, the clear and firm part of the vegetable.

• Then place the artichoke hearts in the lemon water, then remove the hairs from each artichokealso called “hay”, using a knife and a spoon.

You can then incorporate your artichoke bottoms into your homemade quiche!

The artichoke in quiche version, a health ally in the spotlight!

Did you know that the artichoke has real detox virtues? This vegetable stimulates the bile secretion and allows to clean the liver by facilitating the regeneration of liver cells.

But that’s not all ! The artichoke also contains many antioxidantsof the vitamins and mineralsas well as inulin slightly laxative. Decidedly, this quiche with artichoke bottoms has it all… Enough to dethrone the corona quiche served at the coronation of Charles III? It’s up to you to decide 😉

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