top 10 cookbooks

top 10 cookbooks

Vegetarian cuisine offers an infinite palette of possibilities. Rich in flavors, colors, textures, it is fabulously creative, and wonderfully delicious! Here are 10 books to discover recipes as incredible as each other, and which will make you want to eat vegetarian every day if you haven’t already!

1. Happy & Veggie, by Caleigh Megless-Schmid

Caleigh, the author of this book, is an American who has lived in Paris for about ten years, and who has become a benchmark for healthy vegetarian cuisine. In 2012, she created KEÏLI a Coffeeshop-restaurant (located at 106 rue Amelot, 75011) renowned in the capital for its delicious “homemade”, vegetarian and organic cuisine.

happy & veggie
Happy & Veggie: 120 healthy, gourmet and colorful recipes for every day from Caleigh (ed. Marabout)

In this book, we find the recipes that make the success of the establishment, made from organic fruits and vegetables, cereals, legumes, fermented pickles, embellished with seeds, herbs, spices or even of wild shoots. The recipes are delicious, easy to prepare, rich in flavors and colors, and wonderfully highlighted by photos that make you totally salivate! From breakfast to dinner, from aperitif to desserts, the book is full of good ideas for creating authentic and gourmet vegetarian cuisine.

happy & veggie recipe

2. Zero meat zero fish

The multi-starred Chef Jean-François Piège offers in this book a cuisine without meat or fish but above all not without flavors! There are recipes inspired by the great classics of French cuisine with vegetarian sauce, with amazing ingredients and unique seasonings.

zero meat zero fish
Zero meat zero fish: 50 vegetable and gourmet recipes
(published by Hachette)

You will be able to impress your guests by preparing tagliatelle of celery carbonara, a vegetable carpaccio of turnips and nasturtiums, a white sausage of cauliflower, goujonnettes of asparagus with tartar sauce or carrots of the sands like a rabbit with mustard… amazingly creative dishes each offering a sublime marriage of flavors and textures! But a chef’s cuisine that is difficult to make at home? Well no ! Jean-François Piège, keen to offer dishes “for everyone and for every day”, offers here recipes that are fairly easy and quick to prepare, with refined photo slideshows that allow you to fully understand the stages of preparation and dressing.

zero meat zero fish recipe

3. SIMPLISSIME – The world’s easiest vegetarian recipes, by Jean-François Mallet

Come on! For all those who want to eat healthy without spending hours in the kitchen, here is a book by Jean-François Mallet which offers recipes that can be read at a glance and made in no time! We love the idea! Thus, each recipe is very short (only a few lines), simple, clear and precise, requires only 2 to 6 ingredients, requires few utensils and can be prepared in less than 10 minutes.

easy vegetarian recipe
EASY – World’s Easiest Vegetarian Recipes
(published by Hachette)

We choose our recipes according to the seasons and very gourmet and inspiring photos. On the menu: chickpea salad with orange, tomatoes stuffed with olives, mushrooms with pesto, lentil curry with peppers, shellfish risotto, Lebanese tabbouleh with pomegranate, zucchini flower tart…

easy recipe vegetarian recipe

4. My 4 vegetarian seasons, by Chloé and Anthony Jorry Hennequez

Maybe you already follow the adventures of Chloé and Anthony and their children Romy and Abel on Instagram. This little slow-living family shares their ecological lifestyle on social media (@chloeandyou) and their appetizing vegetarian recipes on their blog.

My 4 vegetarian seasons
My 4 vegetarian seasons: 120 simple, healthy and gourmet recipes (ed. Eyrolles)

In this very beautiful book, we discover with pleasure good small comforting and gourmet family dishes (from starter to dessert) to delight young and old. The recipes are easy to prepare, offered by season, and always accompanied by very pretty photos. You will find great ideas for everyday cooking, but also for festive tables, brunches and even barbecues. Our favorite recipes: broad bean, asparagus and ricotta gnocchi (spring), peach, tomato & basil gazpacho (summer), spicy pumpkin pie and coconut whipped cream (autumn), Bourguignon mushrooms (winter).

recipe My 4 vegetarian seasons

5. My vegetarian cooking essentials, by Catherine Kluger

In 2009, Catherine Kluger left her lawyer’s robe… To put on an apron! And she did amazingly well! She has been delighting us ever since with SuperNature, her brand of delicious sweet and savory organic granolas made in France, and her vegetarian recipes offered in this very inspiring book.

My Vegetarian Cooking Essentials
My vegetarian cooking essentials – 85 simple, effective and delicious recipes
(edited by Martinière)

She offers cuisine in her own image: simple, authentic, generous, positive and creative! You will only have to choose between savory or sweet breakfast (poached eggs with Hollandaise sauce, granolas, cinnamon buns…), aperitif or snacks (all-green broccoli spread, oatmeal crackers …), lunch on the spot or to take away, dinner on the spot or prepared in advance (soba & miso soup, falafel sandwich, broccoli salad & green curry sauce, mapo tofu…). And for the sweet: all-chocolate cookies, rose cake or black sesame tartlet. Guaranteed treat!

recipe My Vegetarian Cooking Essentials

6. World veggie dishes, by Stéphanie de Turckheim

Here is a magnificent book that offers 100 vegetarian dishes for a fantastic culinary journey around the world! Head to Europe with onion soup au gratin, porcini mushroom risotto, potato tortilla, spanakopita, welsh…

veggie dishes from around the world
Veggie dishes from around the world (ed. Hachette)

We then go to North America and Latin America with the jambalaya with Cajun vegetables and spices, the coleslaw and grilled cheese, the chili sin carne… Then we head for the Maghreb and the Middle East with the vegetable tagines and couscous, the falafels with yoghurt sauce and tabbouleh, dolmas… The journey continues in India with cheese naans, dahl of pink curry lentils and coconut milk, eggplant curry and chapati… and ends in Asia with wok noodles stir-fried vegetables, Chinese fondue, kimchi gyozas, pho soup… So many colors, flavors and magic on the plates! We discover that the traditional cuisine of many countries has long offered a rich and varied vegetarian diet. For the greatest pleasure of all!

recipe veggie dishes from around the world

7. Vegan cuisine for a small budget, by Marie Laforêt

Marie Laforêt is a reference in vegan cuisine (= without any animal products): her Instagram community has nearly 100,000 followers and her blog is a real nugget! It must be said that she has a lot of talent… We love her creative recipes and her magnificent photos, which are perfectly showcased in the 22 recipe books she has made!

budget vegan kitchen
Vegan cuisine for a low budget from (ed. Solar)

Among these books, there is one in which she raises an important question: “Is vegan cuisine a cuisine for the rich?” His answer goes much further than “no, because lentils cost less than meat”. This is a very important topic, as many vegetarian recipes call for the use of expensive spices and rare ingredients. The recipes she offers are thus simple recipes, which require inexpensive ingredients that are easy to find in supermarkets. She does, however, offer suggestions “if your budget allows” for adding a few extra ingredients to make each recipe even more indulgent. You will find something to treat you for breakfasts & brunches, aperitifs (finger food), as well as a variety of dishes and desserts for all tastes. So what’s on the menu? Focaccia with zucchini, croquettes of lentils with herbs, toast with vegetable cream cheese and smoked carrots, vegetable lasagna, corn soup, small coconut-vanilla flans, semolina cake with clementine…. In short, something to enjoy healthy without breaking the bank!

low budget vegan cooking recipe

8. Vegan cuisine for students, by Sandrine Costantino

Eating vegetarian (and even vegan) is better for your health and the planet! Young people have understood this well and more and more of them are opting with pleasure for this food choice that has become a real lifestyle choice. To cook “homemade” dishes without breaking the bank or struggling, here is a perfect recipe book by Sandrine Costantino!

vegan kitchen for students
Vegan cuisine for students (ed. La Plage)

It offers more than 80 vegetarian recipes that are very easy and quick to make, and above all inexpensive, especially for students. The recipes are accessible to beginners and very tight budgets, with minimal equipment (1 saucepan, 1 frying pan, 1 immersion blender and that’s it). So what’s good about it? Hot simmered dishes (express couscous, creamy polenta with mushrooms, vegetable risotto…), but also various sandwiches, soups, salads and sandwiches for quick meals or to take away, and lots of great desserts cooked without oven, and even without cooking (cookie-style energy balls, chocolate mug cake, flan, smoothies, etc.).

vegan cooking recipe for students

9. My 100% vegetable seafood recipes, by Eva Zink

Eva Zink, activist and Youtuber committed to the protection of the oceans, offers the first vegan cookbook on the theme of recipes from the sea. Totally creative and stunning!

my 100% vegetable seafood recipes
My 100% vegetable recipes from the sea (ed. La Plage)

The author shows us how to recreate the texture and flavor of dishes based on fish, molluscs and crustaceans, with 100% vegetable recipes. 35 recipes are proposed, as incredible in their visual aspect as in their taste: acras without cod, “no fish” n’chips, breaded fish-style celery, fried squid-style mushroom fritter, fish fillet-style tofu fillet… And for rediscover the iodized taste, magnificent seaweed sauces… Wow effect and yummy effect guaranteed!

recipe My recipes from the sea 100% vegetable

10. Culina Hortus, by Adrien Zedda

Adrien Zedda is the Chef of the restaurant Culina Hortus (located in Lyon), voted best vegetarian restaurant in the world in 2020. In this book, he offers 105 recipes of infinite refinement declined according to the seasons.

culina hortus vegetable cooking
10. Culina Hortus – gourmet and creative vegetable cuisine (ed. Chêne)

The Chef mixes art and poetry, minimalism and creativity, for a delicate and gourmet cuisine. You will thus learn to sublimate the plant, perfectly assisted by the Chef who will give you the keys to master the right gestures and assimilate techniques such as cooking in a salt crust or smoking with hay. Product sheets also highlight exceptional or little-known ingredients, and offer advice on how to select and prepare them.

recipe culina hortus vegetable cooking

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