Top 15 Hidden Details in Guardians of the Galaxy 3

Top 15 Hidden Details in Guardians of the Galaxy 3

WARNING: Before even reading the introduction to this top, we advise you to clear immediately if you have not yet seen the third and last film on the Guardians, because it will be a severe spoiler. For the others, you went to see the Guardians of the Galaxy 3 and shed your tear many times? Normal. But don’t worry, it’s not because you had wet eyes and missed the hidden details that all is lost, we are here to spin them to you.

The Original Guardians

If you know anything about the comics, it will not have escaped your notice that the Guardians of the Galaxy movies are not the originals created in 1969, but another newer team. In the second film we see the originals appear (including the character played by Sylvester Stallone as well as Yondu) who make two appearances in the third part since they are the pests who work with Gamora.

“I love you all” Groot

If you ever jumped out of your seat a bit when Groot first said words that weren’t “My name is Groot,” it’s because you might not know the reason. Director James Gunn has confirmed that in fact it’s the viewer who understands the Groot from this point on, just like Gamora at the end of the film. It took three films, and a lot of emotions to get there: we are part of the family.

We talk about Lylla from the first film

It clearly goes unnoticed the first time we see it, but this easter egg is present in the very first film when the characters are scanned by Nova forces, we see that in Rocket’s associates appear the names of Groot and…Lylla. Something to complain about when you learn this info.

A nod to Kevin Bacon

It all starts with a line from the first movie in which Star Lord talks about the movie Footloose with Kevin Bacon. The poor actor is captured by Drax and Mantis in the Christmas special episode of Guardians of the Galaxy and makes a sympathetic appearance there. Which brings us to the second post-credits scene of the third film in which Peter Quill eats breakfast with his grandfather and he reads a newspaper headlined “Alien Abduction, Kevin Bacon Tells All.” The circle is complete.

The Stone on Warlock’s Forehead

In the comics, Adam Warlock has the soul infinity stone on his forehead, except in the movie he has a kind of small stone that we don’t really talk about. For what ? Because in the MCU it’s Vision who has the same stone on his forehead, whereas in the comics he just has a sunstone. Basically, they screwed up with Vision at the time of writing and still left a stone unturned on Warlock in the movies without much attempt to explain themselves further.

The new Guardian

At the end of the film, we see a new team of Guardians formed around Rocket and Groot, with good old Adam Warlock, Kraglin and Cosmo. Then there is also a young girl who seems to come out of nowhere, although you saw her a few minutes before running in a giant hamster wheel before the eyes of the Master of Evolution. This young girl is Phyla-Vell, a fairly important (and very badass) character from the comics who often teams up with the Guardians but also with Captain Marvel.

“The Legendary Star-Lord will return”

If you stayed in your seat until the end you saw the little note “The Legendary Star-Lord will return” after the last post-credits scene but you may not have caught it all. This means two things: the first is that yes, the Guardians are over, the actors playing Drax and Gamora having, for example, confirmed that they were finished with their characters. But Star-Lord will return and we can clearly think that it will be in the form of a solo film, because the name “Legendary Star-Lord” is simply the name of the comic series dedicated to him where he lives from adventures far from the guardians.

Grandfather’s name: Jason Quill

One of the big changes the second Guardians movie made was the fact that Peter Quill’s father was Ego, which is NOT the case in the comics AT ALL. His father is an intergalactic emperor named J’son and that’s what gives this little wink: Quill’s grandfather is called Jason, a way to satisfy the fans who had yelled about this change at the time.

“Ratchet Racoon”

In Avengers Endgame, Tony Stark calls Rocket “Ratchet”, a nod to the video game Ratchet and Clank that some fans picked up. Well, at the start of the third movie, Rocket can be seen walking on the ceiling in “magnetic boots” for a short scene that seems to serve absolutely no purpose. Except Magnetic Boots are a pretty big Ratchet gadget in the games, one more wink.

The Elder Card Game

The film has several cameos, including vocals in which several actors come to lend their voices, such as Jennifer Holland, the wife of James Gunn who plays in Peacemaker and Judy Greer who plays in Antman but it is also Howard The Duck and the fence from the first film who can be seen playing cards in a short scene. This is Howard’s fourth appearance in the MCU (once in each Guardians and once in Avengers: Endgame) not to mention his own 80s movie which is… Which it is.

The Guardians’ New Ship

In the first movie, the ship is called the Milano because Peter Quill had a big crush on Alyssa Milano when he was a kid. Once this ship is destroyed, the team travels aboard the Benatar, in reference to rock singer Pat Benatar, until that ship is destroyed as well and the team travels aboard the Bowie, in the blink of an eye. look at David Bowie of course. Many references say so.

Nathan Fillion and his third appearance

James Gunn has never really hidden his love for the series firefly, in which Nathan Fillion is the main actor. That’s why he already brought in the actor to do the voice of a prisoner in the first film, then made him appear in the second before giving him a real role in the third, as that guard of the Orgoscope.

The origins of the Rocket name

From his first appearance, Rocket fights back whenever he’s called “raccoon” (Raccoon) until the touching scene where he finds the baby raccoons and realizes he was like them before he became a mutant. . He finally accepts this name by naming himself Rocket Raccoon at the end of the film.

For the other part of his name, he is understood to baptize himself Rocket when he first hears the Master of Evolution telling him that he is as fast as a rocket/rocket. In the comics it’s not that elaborate, he’s just called that because he has rocket boots that make him fly, so he’s literally a raccoon with rockets (a rocket raccoon).

Rocket “Jean Valjean” Raccoon

Here is a very curious nod: in the film, the Master of Evolution continually calls Rocket by his registration number “89P13” to dehumanize him (or “deanimalize” him?) exactly as Javert refers to Jean Valjean by his registration number. “prisoner 24601” in the novel Wretched by Victor Hugo. And just like Javert, the Master of Evolution is obsessed with the idea of ​​capturing Rocket, and just like Valjean, Rocket decides to save his enemy’s life when he finally has the opportunity to kill him.

Guardians’ Space Suits

When the team launches into space to “discreetly” board the Orgoscope, they wear quite colorful space suits. When some fans saw the footage, they immediately thought it was a video game nod Among Usto which James Gunn replied “No” by posting an image of the famous film by Stanley Kubrick 2001: A Space Odysseybecause obviously no movie set outside planet Earth can help but make a reference to this movie.

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