What does human flesh taste like?

What does human flesh taste like?

You may have already wondered, but would you go so far as to taste it for yourself? A Spanish influencer shocked her fans in early May when she revealed she ate her own knee cartilage during a romantic dinner.

The young woman is far from the first to have tested human flesh. Psychopaths cannibals or plane crash survivors have already experienced it. Some compare it to chicken and others to tuna. The New York Post seeks to determine the true taste of human flesh.

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A scientific machine concluded that it would rather have the taste of another animal: the pig. In 2006, researchers at Mie University in Japan developed a robot capable of tasting and determining several wines, cheeses and meats. A member of the team would have placed his hand in the robot’s mouth and the latter would have thought he recognized bacon. One of the cameramen also tried the experiment and the machine said that his hand tasted like raw ham.

In 2014, BBC science journalist Greg Foot conducted a bizarre experiment to determine the taste of human flesh. Pieces of quadriceps were taken from his thigh and analyzed under a microscope before being cooked and chemically tested.

Since the cannibalism is banned in the UK, researchers attempted to recreate the exact flavor of the muscles based on the aroma they gave off during cooking. According to them, the accuracy of taste stood at 80%. They then prepared a burger made from pork and lamb which Greg Foot tasted. The journalist said the steak looked like beef, unlike the Japanese robot who thought he recognized pork. “I think that’s the closest I get to tasting human flesh, did he declare. And you know what? it’s pretty good.”

Varied tastes

But this replica, as close as it is to reality, is not really human flesh. Some have already tasted it. This is the case, for example, of killer Japanese cannibal Issei Sagawa, who murdered and then ate some college colleagues in 1981. He stated that the taste was like “the best tuna [mais] without the smell.

For his part, Nando Parrado, one of the sixteen survivors of the air disaster in the Andes Mountains in 1972, gave his own vision of taste after being forced to consume human survive. When I took my first bite, it had no taste. I forced myself to swallow it without feeling guilty. I ate to survive.” he confided.

In the 1920s, American explorer William Buehler Seabrook traveled to West Africa to study the cannibalistic rituals of the Guéré people. “It was so close to veal that I don’t think anyone with an ordinary sensitive palate would be able to distinguish between human flesh and veal,” he wrote in 1931 in his book Secrets of the Jungle.

Faced with all these declarations, how can we be sure that we all have the same taste? The Spanish influencer hasn’t revealed how her cartilage tastes yet, but one thing’s for sure, her performance has made her fans sick

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