Aisne: the old tractors will parade on Saturday May 20

Aisne: the old tractors will parade on Saturday May 20

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The passage of old tractors will attract the curious.
The passage of old tractors will attract the curious. ©Facebook Archive

The taste of nostalgia is back. The sound of old tractor engines will be heard on the country roads south of the Aisne. What arouse the curiosity of the villagers. Not only that of nostalgic for peasant life before and the hum of old clockworkbut also the interest of all those that the evolution of the agricultural machinery keen.

Tractor Parades

Young and old should rejoice, on their doorstep or at their window, for this parade at the initiative of the Allan du village, an eponymous association of the ru which crosses the town of Sommelans, after many months of preparation. .

It is confirmed that the tractors will cross the towns and hamlets of the region on a 50 km route: “The old tractors will parade on Saturday May 20 from Sommelans. Nearly 30 old cars will take the road towards Oulchy-le-Château. For enthusiasts, the tractors will be exhibited in the car park opposite the bar-tabac. We can admire them. After this time of conviviality, the crew will take the direction of the famous monument of the Ghosts created by Paul Landowski for the lunch break. »

Atmosphere of yesteryear

It is a unique spectacle not to be missed to rediscover the rural atmosphere of the good old days during this parade. That of another rhythm of life closer to the land. The cultivation of the land was the daily routine and without doubt the recipe for a happy world despite the hard work.

According to a participant who pampers his machine to participate in this traveling presentation: “Our goal is to show our old tractors and to make known the old mechanics. »

old engines

At the end of the meal, the procession will continue towards Wallée, Trugny, Bruyères-sur-Fère, Villeneuve, and Villemoyenne with a break at Mr. Bordet’s, rue Husson, to admire his superb collection of old engines…

On the practical and technical side, an organizer specifies: “The tractors will leave around 9:15 a.m. near the church. They will roam the country roads at their cruising speed. The fastest can reach 32 km/h, but most are around 15 or 18 km/h. »

Videos: currently on Actu

The detailed itinerary of this original outing is visible on the association’s Facebook page.

And the managers conclude: “Keeping old tractors is a passion. Through this, we see how the ancients worked in the fields. »

This live show with this collection of vintage tractors of all colors and brands should create the event and take you back in time…

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