Almost Bout du Monde, an invitation to travel to the heart of Paris

Almost Bout du Monde, an invitation to travel to the heart of Paris

Almost Bout du Monde is based on 3 pillars that make it unique.

At first, his relationship to travel and world cuisine is undeniable. Here, you can discover Moldavian dishes, an ultra-gourmet Lebanese dish or the “Almost Cantonese rice”, a recipe revisited by the chefs and which will seduce more than one! Moreover, the creative freedom of the chefs is the second essential pillar of this new address. The dishes are imagined with originality to seduce our taste buds! Finally, its intimate character makes this place both warm and pleasant.

The Almost Bout du Monde, is positioned as an accessible neo-bistro, thought of as a real travel diary. Freed from the codes of cooking, and brilliantly having fun always pushing back its culinary boundaries, Le Près Bout du Monde thinks of its cuisine as a laboratory where new ideas flow and come true. This results in a bold and modern kitchen.

For the little anecdote, in the 17th century, the current rue Léopold Bellan was called rue du Bout du Monde. His name is a subtle winkeye to the history of the district which he in turn perpetuates, by taking people on a journey to the four corners of the world via his daring culinary associations. With its 35 seats, it is the perfect atmosphere for an experimental and convincing culinary journey.

On the menu at Almost the End of the World

To take us on a journey, the chefs have come up with recipes, each one more original than the next. Thus, we find on the map:

  • Mamaligas croquettes, the signature dish of the house! These polenta croquettes are inspired by a popular traditional Moldavian dish, prepared with smoked pork belly and smoked eggplant mayonnaise
  • Welsh revisited
  • Almost cantonese rice, with its soft-boiled egg, mashed peas, fried rice paper, miso and edamame sabayon
  • The Mango Tatin, with mangoes and roasted apples, and its blueberry bissap caramel.

The dishes change according to the seasons and the chef’s desires, so let yourself be surprised by the menu and the inspirations of the day! One thing is guaranteed, you will travel for a meal!

Beyond this world cuisine, the journey is also found in the decor. First of all, we find the graphic codes of a postcard stamped on the walls of the neo-bistro. For our greatest pleasure, it is therefore a permanent invitation to travel.

AT the crossroads of all styles without becoming attached to one in particular, the Almost Bout du Monde team is constantly exploring. Constantly in a process of experimentation to find new cooking, cutting or even seasoning techniques, Le Près Bout du Monde puts all its know-how and creativity into its menus to surprise its customers.

To conclude, it is an address that we strongly recommend, both for its originality and for its warm welcome. All the attention paid to customers that we found at La Noceria can be found in this new address -. We come here to discover the dishes and we come back to discover others, so appetizing is the culinary richness and the original dishes!

The Almost End of the World

18 Rue Leopold Bellan, Paris II


Open Tuesday to Saturday for lunch and dinner

  • Entrances between 7 and 9€
  • Dishes between 20 and 25€
  • Desserts between 8 and 10€
  • Lunch formula (dish of the day €14.9 or formula €21 starter main course or main course dessert)

Possible privatization

Elodie Quincieux for Kiss My Chef

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