Altrimenti: anti-waste Italian cooking workshops

Altrimenti: anti-waste Italian cooking workshops

By Anna D. Photos by Laurent P. Posted May 17, 2023, 4:52 PM

At Altrimenti, find interactive and friendly workshops every week to learn how to cook, while remaining eco-friendly! Between Italian cuisine and anti-waste tips, specialists offer you responsible culinary workshops.

Of Wednesday to Saturdaydifferent culinary workshops are offered at Altrimenti. Real moments of sharing, family and above all: responsible! We learn to cooking italian, but also in a way ecological based on fresh and usually neglected products.

Altrimentiit is an association that has been fighting against food waste since 2016, in particular by offering interactive cooking workshops and open to all ages. Literally meaning “otherwise” in Italian, Altrimenti was founded by Samanta Vergati, of Neapolitan origin. His goal ? Initiate to ecological gestures And responsible in the food, while putting Italy in the spotlight. The association’s team is made up of chefs, nutritionists and dieticians. We are therefore in good hands!

Between Wednesday and Saturday, we find at Altrimenti not less than six culinary workshops to learn while tasting. From a workshop dedicated to children to a botanical walk completed by a wild kitchenthe program is as varied asappetizing. Each week, the team shares tips and advice to reduce our culinary waste or even for cooking neglected fruits and vegetables. All this, accompanied by real practical sessions to get your hands dirty! The opportunity to live real moments of sharing, but also educationalfor adults and children alike.

So we go to Altrimentilearn about authentic and sustainable Italian cuisine!

The workshops offered at Altrimenti:

  • 1,2,3 … I’m the anti-waste leader! Workshop adults/children
  • AT table with italian cinema
  • Nothing is wasted… Everything is cooked… In Tuscany, the homeland of pasta!
  • Botanical walk & wild cuisine
  • Saturday is anti-waste brunch!
  • Culinary workshop: at the table with the elders

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