Christian Sinicropi thrilled the taste buds of the jury for the last time

Christian Sinicropi thrilled the taste buds of the jury for the last time

There was a two star and a double palme d’or, this Monday evening at the Martinez. Christian Sinicropi on the oven side with his “tribe”, hear his brigade, crowned with two stars in the Michelin Guide, Ruben Östlund rewarded with two palms in Cannes with his jury in the room. No sadness but a lot of emotions on the side of the first who officiated for his last dinner – the twenty-second – dedicated to a president of the jury on the eve of the opening of the Cannes Film Festival.

And Ruben Östlund and his jury were spoiled! A few days earlier, the chef had inquired about their tastes and possible allergies before getting to work. “With my wife Catherine, who creates ceramic plates especially for the occasion, we saw all her films, Without filter, The Square And Snow Therapyexplains Christian Sinicropi to 20 minutes. We were inspired by it to pay homage to his cinema. »

cinema in the kitchen

The Square And Without filter, winners of the Palme d’or, gave them some very beautiful poetic and gustatory ideas. “Author’s cuisine” that can be contemplated and then tasted like a work of art. The plate The Square, jet black, hosted a variation on the “cru de la mer” in her scarf, followed by a magical dessert. “I saw the square as a sanctuary of trust and kindness”, insists the chef.

Eating at Chef Sinicropi’s is not just a treat: it’s an experience! His way of working the “living” to extract the substance constantly surprises, especially with a chocolate tart that gives the impression of being in the forest as all the senses are involved during the tasting. “The presidents of the jury have always been very receptive,” recalls chef Sinicropi. Quentin Tarantino returned with his team to give him a taste of a recipe. Steven Spielberg was like a child when he saw that I had created a dish inspired by Sea teeth and Spike Lee wanted to buy me the plates inspired by his filmography! Like Ruben Östlund and his predecessors, the American director left with his plates as a gift.

Christian Sinicropi did not let himself be intoxicated by the recognition of stars. An eye for everything, a verb always courteous with regard to his “tribe” who were busy in the kitchen, he communicated with the dining room by headset to ensure that his dishes were well received. “Nothing is ever acquired,” he says. Always make sure the guests are happy. My job is to give happiness. The Cannes chef also received some with the festival medal which was given to him at the end of the dinner. A trophy that this modest man hastened to bring back to the kitchen to share with his tribe. He will leave the Martinez at the end of the month for new adventures. We have a twinge in the heart for the 2024 jury who will not know these joys.

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