Clara Luciani and Alex Kapranos, three years of very discreet love

Clara Luciani and Alex Kapranos, three years of very discreet love

The interpreter of The grenade announced on her Instagram account on Sunday, May 14, that she was pregnant with her first child. The father is none other than the leader of the group Franz Ferdinand, with whom the French artist forms a couple in the city as well as on the stage.

Headphones on her ears and a tight microphone, she appeared in her element, between the walls of a recording studio. However, it is indeed the rounded belly of Clara Luciani which caught the attention of its approximately 558,000 Instagram subscribers. The 30-year-old singer indeed announced on the social network, on Sunday May 14, that she was pregnant with her first child.

“These days, two things are growing inside me: my third album and… (a chick emoji),” she wrote. A publication to which his companion, the British musician Alex Kapranos, reacted with humor. “One moment please, commented the leader of the group Franz Ferdinand. You didn’t tell me that you… were recording a new album! It’s so awesome.»

A “place of one’s own”

It has been three years since the couple formalized their relationship through a clip, Summer Wine , unveiled in July 2020. An adaptation of the song by Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood, which the duo has performed together on stage many times, and which has delighted fans. The latter, surprised to know them as a couple, praised the piece. “I discover you together @jesuisclaraluciani and I love it !!”, can we read in particular under one of their publications. Or: “You are both very beautiful, and your magnificent voices give me chills.”

On a daily basis, the interpreter of The grenade and the 51-year-old guitarist, however, want to preserve their privacy. “I never talk about my private life, it’s precious to still have a very small place to yourself in a world where we share everything”, declared Clara Luciani in TV 7 daysin the month of February.

Mysterious encounter

Both have, for example, never revealed how they met. The magazine Audience assures him that they would have met at a festival in 2019. At the time, the musician, renowned for hits like take me out and winner of two Brit Awards in 2005, is already making the whole of England dance. Clara Luciani, she has a string of breakups – one every “three, four months”, she says then. The respective Instagram accounts of the singer and Alex Kapranos contain, moreover, only rare shots of their idyll, intended to promote their common piece.

The two partners just offer a joint appearance in “Taratata”, in March 2022. A program in which they sing the title Tainted Love, and talk about their artistic duo. Asked by Nagui how he “feels” the voice of Clara Luciani, Alex Kapranos is full of praise for the talent of his companion. “How do you say in French ? he answers. In English, the word is “unique”.

Two months later, the interpreter of Love Enlightenment again praises the merits of his beloved in the columns of Paris Match. “I love singing with her, even though we have very different voices,” he says. And then, I’m really lucky to have made duets with a lot of icons: Jane Birkin, Debbie Harry, and Clara…” Himself an icon in the world of rock, Alex Kapranos co-founded Franz Ferdinand in the early 2000s, after having officiated in several groups and worked as a cook, bartender or driver. He has always remained discreet about his love stories.

People couples on permanent contracts

An “unhealthy relationship”

For her part, Clara Luciani experienced multiple sentimental disappointments before meeting the father of her child. One of them inspired his album Sainte-Victoirereleased in 2018. “It was a very unhealthy relationship, which locked me up, I didn’t see many people apart from this boy,” she says in Society, in February 2020.

Since then, the singer seems to have found a new balance, and to share conversations for the less profound with her companion. In February, the latter thus allows himself a rare intervention about their couple in the documentary It starts like thisdevoted to the career of the artist born in Martigues.

“Fear of death”

“Clara is a very sensitive person, he argues in the program. I think her vocal palette reflects her emotional palette. She has an incredible range, she is capable of pure notes of absolute joy but she also has a real attraction for darkness. Before evoking the “fascination” and the “fear of death, of shadow to light”, which his companion feels.

Remarks welcomed by Clara Luciani in the columns of TV 7 days. “This is one of the most touching interventions in this documentary,” she said. It’s the only one that evokes my fear of death. I let very few people come near that side. I have gray areas, I have a lot of trouble with the word “end”, the “goodbye”. But I have a hyperconsciousness of the passage of time and I want to do everything to take advantage of it. The forthcoming birth of her first child should, on the contrary, mark a new stage for this close-knit couple.

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