Food and wine pairings: the recipe for Serrano prawn sweets with Collioure sauce

Food and wine pairings: the recipe for Serrano prawn sweets with Collioure sauce

Two years of research and relentlessness on both sides, to carry out an ambitious project. In the end, 18 recipes, from savory to sweet, were created to enhance Catalan flavors. The particularity of this adventure lies in its inspiration, it is the wines that triggered the dishes.

Unlike the sommelier who will offer to pair a wine with the dish on the menu, it is the cooks who, starting from the local nectars of the Terres des Templiers, have been inspired for their gastronomic creations.

At the baton, each in his specialty, two Chefs Bruno Léger cooking teacher at the hotel school of Argelès-sur-Mer and Gauffrey Canier, Cellar Master in Banyuls. This collaboration brought a harmony of good tastes with incredibly accurate notes as explained by Laurie Payet, who never gave up on this project.: “this booklet of 18 recipes is a gift for those who like to surprise, combine and harmonize flavors and aromas. It is offered to all those who want to marry two skills”.

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Despite a difficult choice, Terres des templiers offers readers of L’Indépendant: prawn sweets with serranoCollioure sauce, for 4 people, 40 min of preparation and 30′ of cooking.

Ingredients : 12 large prawns, 4 slices of Serrano

12 toothpicks, olive oil, 400 ml of fish soup, 1 kg of Béa potatoes, 200 ml of Collioure Blanc-Madeloc, a white onion, 200 ml of fish stock, 200 ml of liquid cream, cornstarch, parsley, 8 pinches of Espelette pepper 8 teaspoons of aioli.

Recipe: Shell the prawns. Cut the Serrano into strips and surround the prawns, prick with a toothpick. Before serving, sauté over high heat for 5 minutes in olive oil.

For the brothsuquet, boil the fish soup with the prawn carcasses and heads. Switch to Chinese. Cut the potatoes into patties, poach them in this soup.

For the Collioure sauce: chop the onion, over low heat, add the fish stock, the Collioure Blanc-Madeloc, let reduce. Add the cream, reduce again. Add cornstarch to bind the mixture. Switch to Chinese.

For decoration, arrange the potato patties (3 per person) with the prawns on top and the soup around. Sprinkle with parsley, Espelette pepper and add points of aioli to the piping bag.

In the glass, choose a Collioure red Premium. Enjoy your food ! .

The booklet is available at Terres des Templiers, 8 route du Mas reig in Banyuls-sur-Mer and where the Cru is sold.

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