Il emmène sa fille dîner, s'absente quelques minutes et trouve une lettre mystérieuse à table

He takes his daughter to dinner, goes away for a few minutes and finds a mysterious letter at the table

© He takes his daughter to dinner, goes away for a few minutes and finds a mysterious letter at the table

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David Rosenman is a renowned and appreciated doctor. But he is also the father of two children. If his work is a passion, and if he spends several hours a day taking care of his patients, he tries not to neglect his children. As he spent a Sunday at the restaurant with his daughter, he did not think that, at only eight years old, she would give him a good lesson in life.

He shares a moment with his daughter

On this beautiful Sunday, and while they are alone at home in the absence of the son and the mother, David decides to eat with his daughter outside. He suggests that she go to a restaurant.

Her daughter is eight years old and is passionate about knitting. As for David, he takes advantage of his Sunday to rest. After the meal, he immerses himself in a newspaper. Meanwhile, her daughter continues her knitting.

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But after a few minutes, her daughter stops. She then looks her father in the eye and demands his attention. David puts down the newspaper and listens to his daughter. With very few words, she then says a lot of things.

Indeed, she asks her father if they can “to be just together”.

A mysterious word on the table

Immediately, David is touched by his daughter’s words. Because she is right. They may share the same table, but they are not together.

So David leaves his diary aside to chat with his daughter. For a long time, they laugh, tell jokes, invent games. In short, they are both having a great time.

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But the hours pass and it is time to leave. The dad therefore leaves his daughter at the table while he goes to pay. The moment he finds her, he discovers a moment. His daughter tells him that a woman has come to drop him off. She explained that it was a word for the father of the family.

A dad taking care of his daughter

The father of the family then reads the note. The words he reads touch him enormously.

“I work in a school, where several children do not have a father and those who do, have not had as much attention, listening and dedication as you gave to your daughter in a single Sunday. “.

The father of the little girl then decides to take a picture of this word. He posts it on Facebook and adds a note. He wants others to know that it was his daughter who claimed his attention.

Please do not wait for your child or loved one to crave your attention as mine did. He or she may not“.

The message touched many Internet users. They’ve shared it over 11,000 times to impress upon parents the importance of spending quality time with children. David is not ready to forget this appointment with his daughter.

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