Here is the best snack for your health according to this doctor

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Doctor Jimmy Mohamed unveiled the product with multiple benefits to consume at snack time. Very low in sugar and fat, it is however particularly rich in protein. Here is everything you need to know about this star ingredient.

THE to taste offers the perfect opportunity to take cakes and other cookies out of the cupboard. These popular snacks, however, have compositions that are not recommended as part of a balanced diet. To raise awareness in his community, the PAF’s most famous doctor has made food his hobbyhorse. jimmy mohamed likes to share short videos on his TikTok account to present gourmet alternatives and healthy. He particularly endeavored to present a product which, according to him, is perfect to satisfy the cravings.

I’star ingredient ? The skyr which recently made a sensational entry into the chilled section. In just a few years, this Icelandic dairy product has established itself in French supermarkets. It should not be defined as a yogurt. Indeed, the presence of particular lactic ferments brings it closer to cottage cheese. His nutritional benefits are particularly numerous, as detailed by Jimmy Mohamed on the social network.

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Skyr: a product with multiple nutritional benefits

Particularly rich in proteinit is particularly suitable for people who wish to losing weight as the expert indicated in his video. It is therefore 10 grams of protein that are present in the product. It’s more than in an egg! In order to bring his playful touch that has become emblematic on TikTok, Jimmy Mohamed illustrated the sugar content of the product. Half a sugar is thus present inside a jar. For comparison, an organic cream dessert contains about three whole sugars.

In addition, the skyr offers a substantial amount of calcium. ” It’s 20% of the daily intake added the doctor. It is almost the same contribution as cottage cheese. However, the sky presents a difference of choice: the cottage cheese contains approximately 3% fat, while the skyr is at 0%.

An ingredient that can easily be used in many recipes

Jimmy Mohamed’s little trick to taste it? He adds some chia seeds. The latter are particularly rich in fiber and thus contribute to good intestinal transit. To vary the flavors, the skyr can also be declined in pastries, but also in savory preparations. To vary the texture, it is possible to make a skyr foam. This simple and very light can be accompanied by a fresh fruit salad or a coulis.

As warm weather approaches, the desire to refreshing pleasures is felt. To give pride of place to seasonal products, make way for the strawberry skyr popsicles recipe. Another cool treat? Stracciatella-style frozen skyr! This ultra-gourmet and easy-to-make dessert will impress all your guests. For the savory, it’s time to try an original recipe for rillettes. Salmon and tuna will go perfectly with skyr for a spread very tasty. No more reason not to test!

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