How to choose your sandwich maker?  Our advice and our top 5 of the best sandwich makers!

How to choose your sandwich maker? Our advice and our top 5 of the best sandwich makers!

Our top 5 of the best sandwich makers

The best design device for two: ASM90XLCO by Bestron

THE Bestron ASM90XLCO differs from other sandwich makers by its design.

Bestron sandwich maker

Like most models, it is made of stainless steel but sports a beautiful copper color. The Bestron appliance can cook and grill two sandwiches (savory or sweet) simultaneously, in standard or XL size. The non-stick coating of the plates ensures easy cleaning.

The family device: the Clatronic XXL

Clatronic sandwich maker

This XXL sandwich maker of Clatronic allows you to cook four sandwiches at the same time: it is ideal for large families or evenings with friends. The two indicator lights are useful for checking the temperature of the appliance as well as cooking. THE thermally insulated handles allow you to handle the Clatornic XXL sandwich maker without getting burned. The heat is not adjustable as it regulates itself automatically. The system of lockdown prevents burns and overheating of the device.

The most versatile appliance: Tefal Snack Collection

Croque monsieur waffle maker Tefal

This small appliance will quickly become essential in the kitchen: it is the one on the illustration image of this article. THE Tefal Snack Collection is versatile and allows you to satisfy all sweet or savory cravings in no time. Tefal’s Snack Collection is a multifunction device which has two removable plate sets, dishwasher-safe and with a non-stick coating to cook both croque-monsieur and waffles. Other sets of plates are available to prepare paninis, pancakes, donuts, bagels as well as sandwiches on the grill.

The device with the best value for money: Fiesta by Russell Hobbs

Russel Hobbs sandwich maker

Russell Hobbs’ Fiesta is a 3-in-1 device with interchangeable plates. It is a grill, waffle maker and toaster all in one. It is even possible to prepare pastries, bacon or omelettes and control the melting of cheese. The non-stick coating means you don’t have to worry about cleaning up after cooking. For simplified storage, the Russell Hobbs Fiesta is suitable for vertical storage. The device has an indicator light to control the temperature. The handle is isolated from the heating zone. The device accompanies all meals: breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.

The cheapest device: the SA-3050 from Tristar

Tristar sandwich maker

For a quick and easy preparation of croque-monsieur, Tristar’s SA-3050 fits perfectly. With its power of 750 watts, the device reaches the right temperature in a few minutes. Despite his little price (about twenty euros only), the SA-3050 from Tristar has various options: protection against overheating, automatic shutdown in the event of a malfunction, non-slip feet and a safety lock on the lid. The grill plates have a non-stick coating for easy cleaning after using the device.

How to choose your sandwich maker?

A sandwich maker is essential for preparing hot and tasty sandwiches. But given the number of models on offer, it can be difficult to make a choice. Here are the criteria to take into account to make the right choice.

  • The versatility of the device : appliances reserved solely for cooking croque-monsieur are rather rare. They are generally sold with interchangeable and removable plates for cooking waffles, paninis or even grilled meats, like at the snack bar. A multifunction appliance is recommended for those who like to cook a variety of dishes… and save space in the kitchen by not multiplying small appliances.
  • The frequency of use : as with any household appliance, the choice will depend on the frequency of use. No need to invest in a high-performance device for occasional use. On the other hand, to afford a beautiful device is recommended in case of regular use.
  • The power : the more powerful an appliance, the faster it will cook. If waiting several minutes to eat is not very disturbing for a couple, it will be much more so for a large family or a group of friends. The first will have finished eating while the others will still be waiting.
  • The capacity : this criterion is associated with the previous one. Not all appliances have the same cooking capacity. Some models can cook two croque-monsieur at a time and others four. Again, it depends on the number of guests at the table.
  • The accessories : in the case of a multifunction device, accessories are provided. Most often, these are hotplates for making the various preparations. This eliminates the need to purchase plate sets compatible with the device.
  • The options : sandwich makers can be equipped with various options. Some are really useful. For example, the presence of an adjustable thermostat which makes it possible to modify the cooking temperature, and therefore to eat a well-cooked or just grilled croque-monsieur or even to act on the melting of the cheese. Likewise, the indicator lights to indicate the degree of temperature or the end of cooking help to better use the appliance. Another interesting option: the non-stick coating to easily clean the plates. In the same logic, a device whose plates are dishwasher safe is appreciable. To avoid the risk of injury and/or accident, it is best to opt for a device that has an on/off button and an anti-burn handle. Finally, for those who have little space, a model that can be stored vertically is a real plus.

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