Perpignan: La Permission, a hybrid recipe for a unique place in the heart of the Saint-Matthieu district

Perpignan: La Permission, a hybrid recipe for a unique place in the heart of the Saint-Matthieu district

A structuring private project for Saint-Matthieu. A hybrid place, open to the neighborhood with spaces dedicated to gastronomy, coworking and well-being. La Permission opens its doors this Wednesday, May 2023, 17 on General Derroja Street with the ambition to return social and commercial attractiveness to this sector of the city.

A first stone in the building, one could say. The rehabilitation of a Saint-Matthieu district where bulldozers have already taken possession of rue des Augustins. The transformation is in progress. Between the place des Poilus and the Remparts, in the rue du Général Derroja where the former prison of Perpignan is located, a new life in the neighborhood is taking shape. La Permission opens its doors this Wednesday at number 6, in a building that will certainly become the most protean in the city. Until now the people of Perpignan went there to do the gym or bodybuilding. They will surely come back. To do fitness and even yoga, and not only. From this Wednesday, the Perpignanais have Permission to discover this new address located in a neighborhood that is too closed and that the new owner wants to reopen to the city.

A one-of-a-kind place

A hybrid urban work designed by Perpignan Cyril Lopez. Designed to revitalize Saint-Matthieu in the continuity of urban development. In the continuity of the installation of the university in the city center. With the desire to create activity and social ties. And it is the owner of the premises who talks about it best. As a director would tell a film on the eve of the theatrical release. “What I wanted was to create a one-of-a-kind place, like a third place where several activities meet, where horizons collide and mingle. From gastronomy on the ground floor, to begin with , we will then move on to the opening of the other floors in September with a coworking and seminar platform on the first floor, a sports and well-being space on the second floor before other surprises to come”.

The owner’s turn is impressive. Between the “vintage” atmosphere that it will give to the coworking space and the gastronomy platform, innovation is revealed on all floors. La Permission, which is inaugurated on May 17, is mouth-watering. At the back of the bistro, opened by Romain and Dylan, which has a storefront, three restaurants offer on-site or take-out “world cuisine” menus. Three chefs for three kitchens in a modern and fully equipped “dark kitchen” decor. Well-known faces like Juan, the sushi man who worked at Chez Christopher in Saleilles. Head to Italy with Marine, ex-chef at Mistinguette who opens the César. We will also find Rachid in his oriental restaurant “My Kous Kous”. And then also the tapas of the bistro inside which you can taste all the dishes of the chefs coming out of the kitchens. Inside but also on the terrace. This is the other novelty, La Permission takes its ease in the parking lot of the Cercle algérianiste with around sixty outdoor spaces. An innovative hybrid and shared gastronomy space in the image of this place of life in the heart of Saint-Matthieu.

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