Ne Jetez Plus la Peau de l

7 Unknown Uses and Benefits.

We often tend to get rid of them on the compost heap or possibly to the chickens and rabbits.

Worse, some put it directly in the trash.

However, the bark is full of benefits.

And since I hate waste, I asked Caroline how to use the pineapple skin.

Caroline is the Environment Manager of the Town Hall of my municipality.

She always has good tips for protecting nature and using edibles without wasting them.

Here are 7 good reasons not to throw away the pineapple skin and take advantage of its virtues. Look :

1. A slimming infusion

A cut pineapple next to a glass on a table

Pineapple is often presented as a “fat-burning” fruit that allows weight loss.

It naturally contains bromelain, an enzyme that promotes and accelerates protein digestion.

Which makes it a really great fruit to eat at the end of a meal.

For what ?

Because it will help us to better digest the proteins ingested.

That’s why a pineapple peel tea is welcome after the meal.

For this, put the skin of a pineapple in 1 liter of water.

Bring everything to a boil and let steep for at least 15 minutes.

Then enjoy a warm cup, if possible without sugar.

I love this drink that I consume as soon as possible after a big meal.

Not only does it taste delicious, but I also feel less bloated.

Does pineapple skin make you lose weight?

Technically, no.

Because, to lose weight, it would be necessary to consume a larger quantity several times a day.

Obviously, this does not exempt you from going on a light diet.

2. Flavored water

Two glasses filled with yellow flavored water with pineapple pieces

Personally, I no longer consume commercial sugary drinks.

But I make them myself thanks to Caroline’s advice.

She showed me how to prepare a pineapple flavored water by recovering the skin of this very ripe fruit.

Once cut and washed, put it in a jar of water. It must be completely submerged.

Close the jar and place it in the fridge for at least 3 days.

Then strain the mixture and enjoy!

Here is a healthy and unsweetened drink that costs nothing!

And guess the best?

We add ingredients to vary the pleasures.

For example, you can put a little ginger, mint, basil, or a few raspberries, pieces of mango, coconut milk.

3. A mask to give radiance to the face

Pieces of pineapple in an open jar containing dark liquid

A “good-looking” complexion, what do you say?

Well, pineapple skin can help you find that fresh complexion and flawless skin.

But how ?

Simply by passing the inner part of the bark, the fleshy one, over your face.

As pineapple is naturally astringent, it acts on the pores of the skin by tightening them.

This also prevents the formation of blackheads.

Its natural bromelain content makes it a perfect ally for mature skin by boosting cell regeneration.

Finally, it rids the skin of its dead cells and gives it a boost of radiance.

By the way, you can also use the pineapple water you prepared above as a tonic.

Just apply it every night after your make-up removal.

For having tested this trick, my opinion is very positive.

I swiped pineapple skin (from the fridge) on my face every morning for 10 days.

I notice a skin with a more beautiful aspect. The small acne pimples disappeared.

4. A homemade syrup

Three pineapples, one of which is cut in half with three glasses filled with a yellow colored drink

What’s better than a homemade syrup.

At least we’re sure it won’t be too sweet!

Until now, I made my homemade mint syrup.

But Caroline also showed me that you could make a pineapple syrup just with its rind.

Not bad is not it ?

To do this, just put it, cut into pieces, in a saucepan of 500 ml of water with about 150 g of brown sugar.

Bring to the boil, then lower the heat to simmer gently for 30 minutes.

Once cooled, filter the mixture and collect the peels.

In an extractor (or a blender), pass the skins to collect all the remaining juice and add it to the filtered mixture.

Pour everything into the saucepan, add another 80 g of sugar and lemon juice.

Boil for about 20 minutes. The liquid should become thick and syrupy with small bubbles on top.

Cool and store in a glass bottle.

5. A scented vinegar

Pieces of pineapple in an open jar containing dark liquid

You can flavor your vinegar very easily with all the aromas you want.

I already do this with lemon or grapefruit peel, for example.

But I learned, thanks to Caroline, that it is also possible with pineapple.

Another 0 waste recipe that you will love…because in addition, it costs nothing.

Cut the peel of the fruit into pieces and put them in a glass jar.

Pour white vinegar at 8° minimum to completely cover the fruit.

Close and leave to macerate for at least 1 week.

Filter and store in a glass bottle.

Perfect for your marinades or your summer salads!

6. An exotic arranged rum

Three glasses containing a yellow colored drink with pieces of pineapple on the rim

Preparing an arranged rum is super easy!

My husband and I love testing the craziest blends.

And for that, the rind of the pineapple is ideal, as it gives a rather pronounced exotic and sweet taste.

Slip the pieces of bark into a glass bottle.

Add 10 cl of liquid cane sugar and top up with very good quality white rum.

Close and leave to macerate for at least 3 weeks before tasting.

Obviously, the recipe is customizable as much as you want.

We can add vanilla pods, tonka beans, coconut, mango, banana, cinnamon, cloves, spices…

Simply let your creativity speak!

7. A natural container

Fruit cut into small pieces in a pineapple including kiwi and orange

Cut the pineapple a few centimeters below the leaves.

With a spoon, empty the fruit to prepare a good fruit salad for example.

But above all, do not throw away the bark.

Once hollowed out, it has the shape of a small pot…which is perfect for an original presentation.

You can put a cocktail in it to serve with a small ladle, a fruit soup or your famous arranged rum!

Yes, nothing is lost with us!

And the leaves?

Two pineapples in nature

What to do with the part with the leaves that have just been cut?

Above all, do not throw it away!

But plant this part in a pot of soil, leaving only the leaves protruding.

Water regularly and put the pot in a warm, bright place.

In 8 to 10 weeks, you will see new leaves coming out…

And There you go ! You have a new plant that may bear fruit in a few years!

Your turn…

Have you tried these tips for reusing pineapple skin? Tell us in comments if you liked it. We can’t wait to read you!

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