Discover where to taste the best baguettes in Paris

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Every year, the city of Paris organizes a competition to elect the best baguette in the capital. An event eagerly awaited by professionals in the sector, many of whom claim the title.

It is one of the most consumed foods. The baguette is one of the favorite breads of the French, 10 billion are consumed per year. A true national emblem, the “craftsmanship and culture of baguette bread” have been inscribed on the Representative List of the intangible cultural heritage of Unesco in November 2022. A great consecration for this bread that accompanies us every day.

In France, there is many competitions to highlight food products with exceptional taste qualities. One thinks in particular of the Concours Général Agricole, which each year awards medals to the best producers in our territory at the Salon de l’Agriculture. But there is another more localized but equally expected competition: the Grand Prize for the French Traditional Baguette of the City of Paris.

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A cracking competition with strict criteria

On May 10, a jury met at the headquarters of the Bakers of Greater Paris union to elect the best baguette in the capital. The 176 traditional baguettes in the running had to meet specific specifications : measure between 50 and 55 centimeters long, weigh between 250 and 270 grams and have a salt content of a maximum level of 18 grams per kilo of flour. During the tasting, they were judged on five criteria: cooking, taste, crumb, honeycombing and appearance. 126 of them had been selected to be tasted.

And it’s Tharshan Selvarajah from the bakery “Au Levain des Pyrénées” in the 20th arrondissement who was voted the best artisan baker in Paris. Thanks to this distinction, it becomes for one year the official supplier of the kitchens of the town hall of Paris and the kitchens of the Palais de l’Élysée.

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The ranking of the 10 best Parisian artisan bakers

1 – Tharshan Selvarajah – “Au Levain des Pyrénées” 44 rue des Pyrénées (20th)
2 – Thierry Guyot “Guyot bakery and pastry shop” – 28 rue Monge (5th)
3 – Jocelyn Lohezic “House Lohezic” – 143 rue de Courcelles (17th)
4 – Benjamin Turenne “All Around Bread” – 134 rue de Turenne (3rd)
5 – Florian Bleas “Aux Délices de Vaugirard” 48 rue Madame (6th)
6 – Frank Tombarel “Félix’s Attic” – 64 avenue Félix Faure (15th)
7 – Kilani Ounissi “Kilani Bakery” – 191 rue du faubourg Saint-Antoine (11th)
8 – Maxime Julien “The Flavors of Lévis” – 41 rue de Lévis (17th)
9 – Mohkam Karoui “The Time of a Gourmandise” – 94 boulevard de Port-Royal (5th)
10 – Kouni Elayeb “The Delight of Bagnolet” – 42 boulevard Mortier (20th)

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