do not eat this snack sold throughout France

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The government site Rappel Conso warns of a product that presents a danger to consumer health. Here is the article not to consume.

THE health alerts continue to multiply throughout France. Indeed, the list of product recalls continues to grow. To best support consumers, the executive has launched a brand new device. Called Rappel Conso, the platform lists all the products that potentially present a hazard for health. The goal? deliver the information on the articles in question in order to guarantee the best possible identification. This site is particularly complementary to the communications sometimes provided by the stores. Brandphoto, barcode, lot, start and end date of sale, geographical area of ​​sale, recommendations to follow, symptoms possible, contact number are among the elements shared in real time on the platform.

A new alert launched by the Rappel Conso platform

If the bacteria are often implicated, it also happens that certain debris is suspected in food products. Additionally, number ofallergens initially absent from the foodstuffs can also find themselves incriminated. A rate of ingredients that is too high compared to the original recipe can also lead the authorities to alert consumers. It is precisely this scenario that arises for a snack reference sold in supermarkets.

The product Organic tamari snack – Mix of roasted and salted soy and almonds with cashew nuts, Tamari flavor (30 gram bag) from the brand Smart Power is currently undergoing a recall procedure. The reason ? A potential contamination by hydrocyanic acid released by the bitter almonds present in too large a quantity in the batch concerned. Note that the product has been marketed in recent months throughout France by demonstrators.

The reference of the recalled products is as follows:

  • Lot 0722112912 Date of minimum durability 01/12/2023

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A snack that can lead to contamination

Among the measures to follow, it is obviously not necessary to consume the product. The persons concerned by the purchase can contact the consumer service at A refund will then be set up. The recall procedure will end on Sunday July 16 next. In addition, the product is no longer available for sale since April 7th. All the information, as well as a product picture, are listed on the Rappel Conso website. A canal Twitter also makes it possible to keep informed in real time of the procedures in progress.

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