Here the wave!  Day 3: Wednesday of simple pleasures - Vannes

Here the wave! Day 3: Wednesday of simple pleasures – Vannes

With this little north-easterly wind, it is quite chilly in the evening on deck. So the dinner dishes, we saved them for this Wednesday morning. That way, we do it with the breakfast one. But the morning coffee is worth it! A small houseboat is like a caravan: the bench during the day becomes a bed for the night and vice versa. So we tidy up, we re-tidy up and then we tidy up again. With four on board, it’s better to get on well and not need a lot of privacy…

Storage cupboard in the evening, chart table during the day! (Catherine Lozac’h)

As water, water everywhere !

The difference with a caravan is that the water is in a reserve of 80 liters and the electricity is provided by solar panels. We must therefore learn to do with what we have! Suddenly, the first water from the dishes, we take it around us, in unlimited version. And we rinse with fresh water, to remove the salt!

Eric, our flotilla captain, explains our route for the day.  Departure at noon, wind in the nose... it's not going to be easy for the sausages!
Éric, our flotilla captain, explains our route for the day. Departure at noon, wind in the nose… It’s not going to be easy for the sausages! (The Telegram / Catherine Lozac’h)

No. 5 from fennec

Clean dishes are good. The sailor isn’t bad either. At the end of the third day, the “wipe toilet” shows its limits. The “styling” takes on a dubious rigidity… In Port-Navalo, I’m not the only one to like fennec only in its natural state but not as a perfume. While waiting in front of the two shower stalls, we talk. Boat, of course. The solidarity of seafarers can be seen even in the time it takes to get a beauty treatment. I want to go a little too fast… The automatic cleaning of the shower gives me a free foot wash… and the bottom of my pants as a bonus! At least I’m on time for the briefing.

La Lozac’h, it sends steak!

Arg, today, the departure is at noon… And on the menu, it’s sausages and lentils. It’s not win ! The wind is still northeast, so in the nose: here we go again for tacking. 1:20 p.m., it heels, it heels. No way to cook. “La Lozac’h, it sends steak!” “Comments Éric, the helmsman on board since Monday. It is a compliment. It means that I have arms, strong arms that have the strength to pull on the sheets. But hey, the steak there, I would have it in my stomach!

That’s it, the sausages are cooking! Afternoon tea is not far away… (Catherine Lozac’h)

Sausage-lentils for snack

When tacking like this, it is also better to choose the right tack to satisfy his natural needs. In the middle of the action, I hear: “We’re turning! ” What ? Not cool guys! “We were going on the rocks,” they justify, looking sorry. No problem, I’m not the type to keep both feet in the same shoe! Finally, the western cardinal buoy of Boëdic is in sight, here we are downwind, the boat finds its plate and the sausages jump in the pan. 4:30 p.m., “Puyu Braz” is at the pontoon on Île-aux-Moines. The perfect time for a savory snack. Very good. On a boat, you have to be lively but not in a hurry and appreciate the simple pleasures!

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