Mont-Bruno secondary school comments on the problem of delinquency

Mont-Bruno secondary school comments on the problem of delinquency

The management of Mont-Bruno secondary school comments on the recent events that have occurred on the territory involving young people.

“Obviously, we are challenged by this type of situation that we all find regrettable,” admits the principal of Mont-Bruno secondary school, Robert D’Aquila.

At lunchtime, the students leave the school perimeter to eat in the restaurants of the city. “We are aware that young people at lunchtime may leave the school grounds to eat in nearby restaurants. [Mais] crowds do not only take place at dinner time and on school days. They generally take place in the evenings and on weekends,” says Robert D’Aquila.

For some time now, young people gathered have been storming businesses in the evening to cause mayhem inside. It happened a few times in downtown Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville.

“We are challenged by this type of situation that we all find regrettable. –Robert D’Aquila

Mr. D’Aquila is aware that there have been cases of vandalism, theft and other misdeeds perpetrated in Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville since the pandemic. He also knows about recent delinquent gatherings. When we talk to him about the phenomenon, he confirms. “Indeed, and this is also the case in Boucherville, Varennes and Chambly, to name only these places. “Two weeks ago, a videoconference was organized involving the Longueuil agglomeration police service (SPAL), the director general and two elected municipal officials from Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville. The school principal continues. “It has been named the increase of harm, [tels] theft and vandalism, as well as crowding in parks and public places,” he says.

SPAL agent Ghislain Vallières, in interview with The slopes, explains that the police department is in an awareness campaign in high schools to educate young people about citizenship. “Cohabitation, we believe in it. Incivility is no. We review, among other things, what are the municipal regulations. How we use public places, which people reclaim with the return of good weather and the end of the pandemic. Public places are not places of criminal acts”, sums up Ghislain Vallières.

Remember that the SPAL intervened in Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, on May 5, to disperse some 80 teenagers gathered in the courtyard of the De Montarville school. A youth was arrested for assaulting a SPAL agent.

Mr. D’Aquila does not know if these teenagers attend the Mont-Bruno high school or if they come from outside the territory. ” It’s hard to say. You have to look at each crime on a case-by-case basis, starting with the time it was committed. »

When asked if he has ever seen any arrests or police interventions by his students in connection with these acts, the principal replies that there have been no arrests at the school following an offense in a public place near the school. “We were not called upon to intervene or support an arrest operation, even off school grounds. However, we have agreed to collaborate with the SPAL and the managers of the Mickaël-Bilodeau arena in order to hold a presentation for young people in the school’s agora and interventions at the arena last November”, specifies- he.

This concerted action between the officials of the arena, the secondary school and the police department consisted of a kiosk to raise awareness about vaping and the handing out of tickets related to the use of tobacco.

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